ELNET Business Club


ELNET Business Club (EBC) offers economic development and business strategy consulting for Israeli and European companies entering new markets in Europe and Israel. EBC is a subsidiary of ELNET (European Leadership Network), a leading non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening relations between Europe and Israel.


EBC’s goal is to promote business relations between Israel and Europe. Europe is Israel’s largest trading partner, accounting for approximately 1/3 of Israeli exports and 1/2 of Israeli imports. Common experience, as well as shared values and interests, from countering terrorism to cybersecurity, create favorable conditions for closer economic cooperation.


EBC promotes direct communication between business executives, decision-makers, experts, journalists, opinion leaders and officials on all levels of government in Europe and Israel. With over ten years’ experience in developing a strategic network at the highest levels of government, ELNET is uniquely positioned to organize exclusive activities and facilitate firsthand engagement of decision-makers and business leaders.


  • privileged access to ELNET exclusive network and activities
  • consulting on political and cultural ramifications of your business activity in Europe and Israel
  • assistance in the development of contacts, setting appointments with local decision-makers
  • legal and tax advice to maximize income in the country
  • assistance in the recruitment of professional team on the ground
  • partnerships and joint ventures with local companies


France, Germany, Spain, Poland, the UK, the European Union & NATO (Brussels), Israel and its innovation ecosystem, and the United States.