ELNET-Israel “Briefing and Breakfast with European Ambassadors” With Former National Security Advisor Yaakov Amidror

ELNET-Israel organized in April the second yearly “Briefing and Breakfast with European Ambassadors,” featuring Major General (res.) Yaakov Amidror, former Israel National Security Advisor.

During the briefing, attended by over 20 European Ambassadors, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amidror addressed the critical and immediate challenges facing Israel, namely from Gaza, Hezbollah, and Iran. He placed an emphasis on the fact that in Gaza, Hamas are not interested in the release of hostages or a deal and therefore leave Israel with only the option of use of force with an invasion of Rafah to eliminate terror cells. He outlined the importance of proactive military strategies needed to address the security risks from other regions. His candid discussion emphasized that while Israel values international partnership, it must prioritize autonomy to ensure its security effectively.

The event saw active participation from ambassadors representing diverse spectrum of European nations. The questions reflected a deep engagement from all parties with the issues presented and a keen interest in the implications for regional stability and international diplomatic relations.

Ambassadors were particularly inspired during the Q&A session, which saw the participants asking questions on the potential for normalization with Saudi Arabia, the feasibility of forming a regional coalition, and the future of the two-state solution considering recent escalations. During this segment Amidror stressed that in his view Israel is not interested in civilian control over Gaza after the war and is merely concerned with brining the hostages home and mitigating terrorist threats. The dialogue also delved further into Israels strategic independence and its critical alliance with the Unites States, considering the nuanced balance Israel must maintain in its foreign relations and security strategies.

This briefing series is another significant step in fostering open communication and understanding between Israel and its European counterparts. The large turnout and the depth of discussion underscores ELNET’s pivotal role in bridging Israel with the global diplomatic community, aiming to promote deeper understanding of Israel’s strategic environment and its implications for global security.

ELNET is committed to continuing such informative and influential sessions, harboring dialogue, understanding, and collaborative efforts towards a stable and secure Middle East.