MK Shelly Tal Meron Travels to Italy for “Violence Against Women as War Strategy” Event

During the second week of April, Rome played host to a series of crucial meetings and events centred around the pressing issue of violence against women, particularly within the context of war strategy. 

Organised by ELNET Italy, this significant gathering brought together esteemed individuals from various backgrounds to discuss and address this multifaceted issue.

Participation of key figures included Roberta Anati, President of ELNET Italy; Ludovico Seppilli and Emanuela Panke, both from ELNET Italy’s team; Ofer Arbib, a member of ELNET Italy’s Advisory Board; MK Shelly Tal Meron of Yesh Atid; Ibrahim Abu Amhad, a journalist; Nava Ben Or, a judge; Dr. Eyal Fruchter Director of the Division for Mental Health, Rambam Health Care Campus and Ben Touati, a representative of ELNET Israel.

The first day was marked by multiple official meetings between MK Shelly Tal Meron and Italian counterparts. One of the meetings took place at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, where the ELNET team, alongside MK Tal Meron, engaged in discussions with Mr. Mattia De Grassi, Senior Advisor and political counsellor to Antonio Tajani. T

he conversation revolved around crucial topics, including the potential participation of an Italian official in an international event about women organised by MK Tal Meron, as well as the presence of Minister Tajani at the inaugural Italy-Israel strategic dialogue.

Mr. De Grassi expressed his support for Israel and the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to securing the immediate release of all hostages. The “Food for Gaza” operation was also highlighted as a significant humanitarian endeavour, reinforcing Italy’s steadfast support for Israel. 

Another significant meeting took place at the Ministry of Defence, where MK Shelly Tal Meron and the ELNET team engaged with Hon. Matteo Perego di Cremnago, Undersecretary of State for Defence. Perego reiterated Italy’s unwavering support for Israel with a firm commitment to Israel’s right to self-defence. 

A closed-door meeting between MK Shelly Tal Meron, Ibrahim Abu Ahmad with Italian executives under Chatham rules. This meeting paved the way for a promising organisation events involving Abu Ahmad in Italian universities and with student associations.

The culmination of these efforts was an official event titled “Violence Against Women as War Strategy” with Israel and Ukrainian top level speaker and testimonials, held within the Italian Senate, promoted by ELNET Italy together with Senator Susanna Campione. 

Over 100 participants attended the event, including the participation of distinguished figures from various fields such as two Chairmen of the Senate Committee, two Senators, one MP from the House of Representatives, the Deputy Ambassador of Ukraine to Italy, the political attaché of the Israeli Embassy to Italy, the Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian DUMA, one Member of the Knesset, one Israeli Judge, a top level specialist on trauma women violence, and two Israelis academics. 

Aimed at promoting collaborative efforts and legislative initiatives on the critical issue of combating violence against women as a weapon of war, the event featured powerful speeches. 

MK Shelly Tal Meron, Senator Susanna Campione and representatives from Israel and Ukraine underscored the urgency of addressing women being subjected to the horrors of war and the need for concrete action in their impassioned pleas.