Europe aligning with the U.S. in support of Israel is a monumental achievement and a reflection of ELNET’s critical work.

ELNET’s priority is to ensure that the unprecedented European military and diplomatic support for Israel remains strong for the duration of the war until Hamas is eradicated. Those who have expressed solidarity with Israel are already coming under pressure.

ELNET is embarking on a series of Emergency Solidarity Missions to Israel which will be critical in helping sustain support from key European allies. A high-level French delegation is on the ground in Southern Israel as we speak, followed by missions in the next few weeks from the UK, Germany, Italy, and Central & Eastern Europe.

The total cost to fully fund these missions will be $500,000. Since these costs are additive to our budget, we are launching an emergency appeal with this goal in mind.

Right now, your tax-deductible contribution to ELNET will have DOUBLE THE IMPACT. Our generous donors have committed $250,000 towards a dollar-for-dollar match of all new or increased contributions pledged by October 31, 2023.

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The scope of the ground war confronting Israel in Gaza is yet unknown. But in the face of the horrors we are witnessing, we know that Israel’s battle will be unlike any seen before. As Israelis reel in shock from the atrocities and resolve to protect the Jewish homeland, they need allies that will remain steadfast for as long as it takes to defeat Hamas.

ELNET is the only organization focusing on this critical dimension of Israel’s war effort. We thank you in advance for supporting this emergency campaign to bolster the resolve of European leaders in the gut-wrenching weeks and months to come.

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