Countering Terrorism and Radicalization

ELNET Launches Women Only Delegation

Organized by ELNET, this historic delegation comprises esteemed representatives from 12 European nations, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

JPOST: 55% Of French Citizens Support Israel Against Terrorism, ELNET Survey Shows

A comprehensive survey conducted by ELNET France in collaboration with the French polling institute IFOP has found that 55% of French citizens support Israel in its fight against terrorism. This poll, which gathered opinions from 1,206 representative French citizens, sought to understand public sentiments regarding terrorism, national security, and the level of support for Israel amidst increasing global threats.

Italian-British Parliamentary Solidarity Mission

A diverse delegation comprising 17 Members of Parliament from Italy, the UK, Spain, Austria, Denmark, and Slovakia, along with three journalists and CEOs of ELNET-UK and ELNET-Italy visited Israel on February 11-14 as part of the ELNET’s Solidarity Missions.


ELNET has initiated an emergency program to bring European policymakers and opinion leaders to Israel on solidarity missions to hear first-hand testimonies and witness the carnage for themselves, and share back home the truth about they saw. This solidarity mission included 17 members of European parliaments and members of the European Parliament.