JPOST: 55% Of French Citizens Support Israel Against Terrorism, ELNET Survey Shows

A comprehensive survey conducted by ELNET France in collaboration with the French polling institute IFOP has found that 55% of French citizens support Israel in its fight against terrorism. This poll, which gathered opinions from 1,206 representative French citizens, sought to understand public sentiments regarding terrorism, national security, and the level of support for Israel amidst increasing global threats.

The study reveals a widespread concern among the French public, with 83% considering the terrorist threat within France as high. Furthermore, 73% of respondents believe combating Islamist terrorism is a crucial challenge of our time, while 90% feel the terrorist threat is either escalating or remains as severe as it was in 2012.

Majority Feared of Terror Attacks in France

In the wake of the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7 a significant 72% of those surveyed expressed fear that France could face similar acts of terrorism. This concern translates into a majority of 55% showing solidarity with Israel in its counter-terrorism efforts, demonstrating a notable level of support and awareness of the global dimensions of terrorism.

Additionally, the survey highlighted a palpable anxiety about the potential for terrorist attacks in France, with 75% of participants worried about the possibility. It also showed that 59% advocate for increased security cooperation between France and Israel, and 82% recognize Israel as being the most exposed to terrorist threats today.

ELNET has acknowledged the survey’s findings, stating, “These results underscore the shared challenges and threats faced by Europe and Israel in the fight against terrorism. It’s clear that the citizens of Europe, much like their governments, understand the importance of standing united in this fight based on our shared values and the common threats we face. ELNET will continue to work tirelessly to bring European countries closer to Israel, fostering stronger bonds and cooperation in our mutual quest for security and peace.”