The Times of Israel: If Lebanon doesn’t stop Hezbollah, Israel will do so soon, Gantz tell European envoys

Speaking to European ambassadors in Israel, National Unity leader Benny Gantz threatens that the Lebanese state will start paying a price if it doesn’t stop the Hezbollah terror group from attacking Israel.

“There is a state over there and it has a government,” says Gantz in a briefing organized by ELNET, the European Leadership Network, “and it cannot hold the stick from both sides unless it wants to break it on its own knee.”

“If we have to break it, then we’ll do so,” says the former war cabinet minister and ex-IDF chief of staff. “So far Lebanon has not paid the price of this war, and soon enough they are going to start feeling it. They need to make sure Hezbollah stops. Hezbollah needs to decide whether it’s an Iranian branch or a Lebanese organization and pay the price for what comes with this.”