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ELNET (European Leadership Network)

ELNET strengthens relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and common strategic interests. ELNET facilitates opportunities to build relationships and exchange knowledge and insights between senior European and Israeli decision-makers, such as policy professionals and experts. ELNET also conducts educational programs to enhance mutual understanding of the ongoing policy issues affecting Israel-Europe relations.

ELNET celebrates 65 years of France-Israel bilateral relations
Header text1 ELNET and the FSD host special Europe-Israel sessions at the 14th Herzliya Conference with the IDC
Header text2 Impressive kick-off in Germany: ELNET hosts its first series of delegations to and from Germany
Three pillars of ELNET's work
Educational programs, fact-based issue papers for European policymakers and briefings by experts on international events and events in the Middle East
Relationships between leading European and Israeli decision-makers—policymakers, policy advisers, government officials, experts, researchers, journalists, and academics—and between European citizens and their elected officials
Exchange of knowledge, insights and ideas through dialogue and delegations
This agreement confirms Iran’s right to civil nuclear energy but totally prohibits the access to a military nuclear programme. Its implementation will be tightly controlled and we’ll have to be vigilant, of course.
Laurent Fabius France's Minister of Foreign Affairs
I’m convinced that ELNET will play an important role in developing a new era of relations between Europe and Israel.
MP Pierre Lellouche Member of Paris city Council