Israel is Europe’s third largest trading partner in the Middle East and its economic performance is among the strongest in the OECD. Israel is also a major political and security actor in the Middle East and Mediterranean basin. As a result, Europe and Israel share important strategic objectives, including combating terrorism and extremism, fostering stability, regional cooperation, and peace. The cooperation with Europe is vast and includes areas, such as cyber security, counter-terrorism, agriculture, water and food security, and innovation. The discovery of gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea opened further opportunities for cooperation.

Scientific collaboration is a fundamental component of the bilateral relations. Both Israeli and European academic institutions rank yearly among the most innovative worldwide. With high rates of R&D funding and a record number of start-ups, Israel is a central hub for global science and innovation. The scientific cooperation contributed to breakthroughs in research in multiple sectors, from smart irrigation, through child tumors and robotics. 

Europe and Israel share fundamental values and strategic interests and benefit from robust economic relations despite political differences. ELNET’s mission and programs serve to enhance mutual understanding of these common values and interests. 

ELNET in Israel

ELNET’s Israeli office serves as a central hub in the network, facilitating delegations and dialogues in cooperation with ELNET’s European affiliates and Friends of ELNET in the US. The Israeli office is also responsible for developing strong relationships with Israeli decision-makers, research institutes, businesses and civil society leaders. Under the leadership of an international board, ELNET-Israel fosters Israeli-Europe ties, while educating the Israeli policymakers about the importance of strengthening relations with Europe. 

Dr. Emmanuel Navon

Chief Executive Officer, ELNET-Israel,
Dr. Emmanuel Navon is a renowned scholar, practitioner of foreign affairs, and expert on Europe-Israel relations. He brings with him more than two decades of experience in management, politics, academia, and professional advocacy. Dr. Navon has taught at Tel Aviv University, Reichman University and the IDF’s National Security College. He is the author of the book The Star and the Scepter. Previously, he was a consultant for Arttic Israel, focused on securing European funding and partnerships for Israeli R&D; CEO of BNIC, a nonprofit dedicated to training business leaders on pro-Israel advocacy in Europe; and founding partner of a consulting group promoting Israeli agriculture and energy projects in Africa.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin

Chair of ELNET's Forum of Strategic Dialogue, ELNET-Israel
Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin served for more than a decade as Director of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Moreover, he served 41 years in the IDF, as a member of the General Staff, Deputy Commander of the Air Force, Commander of Combat Squadrons, and Commander of Air Force Bases. During his service in the Air Force, he crossed multiple enemy lines and participated as a combat pilot in the Yom Kippur War, in addition to taking part in attacks on nuclear reactors in Iraq. Formerly an IDF attaché to the United States, Maj. Gen. (res.) Yadlin served as Head of the Defense Intelligence Directorate from 2006-2010. In 2015, he was a candidate for defense minister of the “Zionist Union.”

Pascaline Wagemans

Director of ELNET's Forum of Strategic Dialogue, ELNET-Israel
Former Deputy Director (2017 to 2022) and Project & Research Manager (2014 to 2017) at the FSD, Project & Research Coordinator at ELNET (2013 to 2014), and an evidence-based consultant (2010 to 2011) and Business Analyst (2008 to 2009) at IMS Health, a leading global information and technology services company. Ms. Wagemans holds an MA in conflict resolution and mediation from Tel Aviv University, as well as an MA and a BA in Business Engineering from Solvay Business School.

Yossi Abravanel

Deputy Director for Incoming Delegations, ELNET-Israel
Yossi Abravanel is a former entrepreneur in the fields of telecom and homeland security in Israel and beyond, with extensive experience in work vis-à-vis governments in West Africa and Israel, and as a Jewish Agency’s Aliyah representative in Paris. He holds an MBA from the University of Sorbonne and a BA from Jerusalem College of Technology.

Benjamin Touati

Deputy Director for Government Relations, ELNET-Israel
Benjamin Touati is a former representative of the Jewish Agency in Paris, political advisor of Israeli ministers and director in national institutions, including World Mizrahi Movement, with vast experience in project management in public and non-governmental sectors. He holds an MBA from the Jerusalem College of Technology and a BA in History from Paris University.

Jill Wyler

Delegations Program Manager, ELNET-Israel
Jill Wyler held various professional positions in Israel and her last position prior to joining ELNET was as the Israel representative of a Washington based independent academic organization which focused on enhancing knowledge about modern Israel at universities in the United States and around the world. At ELNET she is a Program manager within the Delegations department, which deals with dozens of ELNET parliamentarian delegations visiting Israel each year. Jill has a master's degree in International Relations, with a focus on diplomacy and foreign policy, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and German Literature.

Daniel Shadmy

Spokesperson & Communication Manager, ELNET-Israel
Daniel Shadmy has extensive experience in the field of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs. Prior to joining ELNET, Daniel held several positions at the Israeli MFA. Such as Political Adviser at Israel’s Mission to the United-Nations in New-York, Political Officer at the Embassy of Israel in London and lastly as Congressional Affairs Officer at the Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C. Daniel holds a double Major B.A. in International Relations and Chinese Studies from INALCO University in Paris and an M.A. in Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution from Reichman University in Herzliya.
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Ben Rosemblaum

Deputy Communication Manager, ELNET-Israel
Ben Rosemblaum evolved in the art field, both as a painter and a photographer. In between artistic projects, he graduated from Reichman University in Herzliya, where he specialized in Counter-Terrorism and European studies. In parallel to exhibiting his artwork worldwide, Ben was a communication manager at the “France-Israel” Foundation, later specializing in the Maghreb region while working in the private sector. Before joining ELNET, he was an educator in Mikve Israel Boarding School in Holon, and opened his own art gallery in Tel Aviv to help young artists gain recognition, by developing a program of “socially involved” art in Israel.

Genoveva Barrios

Project Manager - Innovation & Partnerships,
Genoveva Barrios is as Project Coordinator responsible for ELNET’s innovation projects GINSUM and GIHF-AI in the Israeli office. She studied Intercultural Communication and Economics at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen and then worked in the real estate industry for several years. While focussing first on the sales and later on the asset management field, she completed a second bachelor degree in Real Estate. After moving to Israel in 2021, Genoveva Barrios was able to gain extensive experience in the Israeli high-tech and innovation scene.
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Dalmionë Shkodra

Project Manager for ELNET’s Forum of Strategic Dialogue, ELNET-Israel
Dalmionë has an extensive background in diplomacy and homeland security. Prior to joining ELNET-Israel she worked as a recruiter specialist for the International School of Reichman University. She served in the Israeli Defense Forces in the International Branch Unit. Dalmionë holds an MA in Government and Homeland Security from Reichman University, Hezliya.

Yasmin Burk

Account Manager, ELNET-Israel
Yasmin Burk is an accounting professional with experience in management and accounting in private and non-governmental sectors. She studied accounting and economics at the Open University in Tel Aviv.
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Aliya Slepkov-Dror

Logistics and Office Manager, ELNET-Israel
Aliya Slepkov-Dror has an extensive background in project management, logistics, event organizing and program development, both in the US and in Israel. She was born and raised in Jerusalem and did her army service with the IDF Intelligence Unit. Aliya recently returned to Israel after 17 years in Los Angeles where she worked as an Executive Secretary for 6 years at The Jewish Federation in Los Angeles, and 7 years as a Programs Membership and Events Administrator at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.