MK Shelly Tal Meron visits Germany and France, meets with officials to discuss October 7

Between February 19th and 22nd 2024, ELNET Germany and ELNET France hosted Member of Knesset Shelly Tal Meron (Yesh Atid) during her joint three-days visit. MK Meron’s mission was to raise awareness about the events that unfolded on Israel October 7 as well as to spotlight gender-based crimes perpetrated by Hamas. 

Throughout her 2-days visit to Germany, MK Tal Meron held high-level meetings including with Member of the Bundestag (MDB) Michael Roth, Chair of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, as well as with the Federal Foreign Office Director of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Department in the Federal Foreign Office, Tobias Tunkel. MK Tal Meron also met with the Head of Education Committee, MDB Ria Schroder, and the Ambassador for Feminist Foreign Policy and Director for Human Rights, MDB Gesa Brautigam. 

She also met with the Member of the Health Committee, MDB Nicole Westig, together with MDB Frank Schwabe, Commissioner for Global Freedom of Religion and Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. They were joined by MDB Gita Connemann, Deputy Chairwoman of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group. 

In Paris she first held meetings at the French National Assembly, with the Chair of the Delegation for the Women Rights and Gender Equality, MP Veronique Riotton, and with the Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Friendship group between France and Israel, MP Astrid Panosyan Bouvet. She met with Aurore Berge, Minister for Gender Equality, who headed the post-October 7 initiative of redistributing substantial funds to 10 Israeli NGOs charged with advocating against Hamas’ sexual crimes, as well as protecting the survivors of these acts. 

In the French Senate, MK Tal Meron met with Senator Dominique Verien, Head of the Delegation for Human Rights and Member of the Law Committee.

MK Shelly Meron’s fruitful visit shows, yet again, the importance of such dialogues. With commitment to organize and facilitate these types of interactions, ELNET’s goal remains to foster such collaborative contexts with engaged partners.