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The evil ideologies of Hamas and of Islamic Jihad cannot be obliterated, but they must and can be denied the military and governing capabilities that led to October 7.

“The Global Impact of the War in Ukraine” – ELNET’s Roundtable at the 21st Herzliya Conference. The annual conference at Reichman University serves as a two-day summit to discuss matters of state security, policy and counter-terrorism efforts. 

Some numbers and insights given by the ELNET-conducted Israel Survey 2024 on the European MPs’ perception of Israel. 

German Federal Minister of Health Prof. Karl Lauterbach speaks at the GIHF-AI Conference 2024. More information about the annual conference of the German Israel Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence (GIHF-AI) can be found here:

By banning Israeli companies from EUROSATORY, Emmanuel Macron has rewarded the defamation and intimidation tactics of BDS and has further undermined the unity and moral clarity that are required to overcome the free world’s adversaries.

As he addressed Holocaust Remembrance Day and its difficulties amid the current turmoil, Nadav Eyal, specialist and renowned journalist, discussed Hamas and its fate in the near and distant future.

ELNET organized and hosted in Israel the first international coalition of women against sexual violence. 18 high-profile women from 12 European countries joined ELNET’s delegation to condemn gender-based sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Rafaela Treistman shares the story of how she survived the Nova Festival massacre, where 364 were killed and 40 were kidnapped on October 7.

Appointed Ambassador of Israel to Spain, Mr. Tsvi Vapni, on ELNET’s importance following a meeting with State Representatives from Germany and the United Kingdom. 

During an ELNET Gala Event in Herzliya, MK Shelly Tal Meron from the Yesh Atid Party, reflected on October 7. She shared on her own experience as a politician in Israel before and since October 7, and on the consequences felt by an entire nation in reconstruction. 

MP Rihards Kols, Latvian Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, shares his insights during his visit to Israel

David Siegel, President of ELNET US, shares his insights on October 7 while visiting 

French Solidarity Mission to Israel hosted by ELNET

ELNET organized a solidarity mission to Israel of 10 members of the French Parliament along with former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls between October 15-17. Among those partaking in the solidarity mission were MP Benjamin Haddad, Spokesman of the majority group Renaissance Party, and MP Caroline Yadan, Secretary General of the France-Israel Friendship Group in the National Assembly. They came to witness the carnage of Hamas’ barbaric attack with their own eyes and hear the first-hand accounts of survival and anguish from the victims and loved ones. Though only a short two-day visit, many shared that what they saw on the ground has left them appalled and shaken for a long time to come.

ELNET Digital Health Delegation to Germany 2023

With its innovation projects, the German Israeli Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence (GIHF-AI ) and the German Network of Startups and Mittelstand (GINSUM), ELNET brought a delegation of around 30 Israeli healthcare experts, innovation managers, startups as well as representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Health to Berlin and Essen. The occasion was the second GIHF-AI Conference on September 5-6 2023, an exclusive event with around 80 high-profile participants, and the Big Bang Health festival with 1,500 guests. The delegation was supported by the Israeli Ministry of Health, Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH and Health IL. 

ELNET - UK Cross-party Lords Delegation 2023

ELNET was proud to have been the host of the largest-ever official delegation to Israel from the UK House of Lords. The delegation, organized and facilitated by ELNET together with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Britain-Israel, consisted of cross-party Lords from all three main parties in the upper chamber of the UK Parliament. The delegation received wide attention in the media and political spheres in both Israel and the UK. 

ELNET's 3rd EIPC Conference - Highlights

ELNET concluded its third International Policy Conference (EIPC) in Paris between May 8-10, 2023. The title of the conference was “Normalization in the Middle East, War in Ukraine: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World Order”. The conference brought together some 450 participants and 80 of the most influential policymakers and leading public opinion-makers from Europe, Israel, the US and Arab countries to discuss and impact the shaping of Europe’s Middle East policy and Europe-Israel relations.

ELNET's Strategic Dialogues Explained

The Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD) organizes and facilitates high-level strategic dialogues between Europe and Israel, focusing on the major geopolitical issues facing both parties and on Israeli-European relations. The FSD provides a unique platform for “Track 1.5” dialogues involving governmental and non-governmental participants in brainstorming and exchanges that go beyond the constraints of formal inter-governmental dialogues.

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FELNET President David Siegel's Presentation at the Jerusalem Post 2023 Annual Conference

President of Friends of ELNET, David Siegel, gave a presentation at the Jerusalem Post 2023 Annual Conference on the importance of European – Israel relations, and announces the launching of ELNET-CEE.

He stated “Given the evolving developments in Europe, it is crucial for us to work together in the face of new regional challenges.”

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2022 Highlights

Europe is a key partner for Israel. A strong relationship is vital to both Israel and Europe. 

In 2022, ELNET directly engaged 230 policymakers in 25 delegations, and 155 policymakers in 5 strategic dialogues.

In 2023 ELNET plans to bring even more policymakers to Israel with over 30 delegations. 


German Bundestag Defense Committee Delegation

ELNET hosted a delegation of MPs from the German Bundestag Defense Committee in March 2022. The delegation met with the most senior members of Israel’s defense system. The delegation was the first of its kind to visit an Israeli Navy Dolphin-class Submarine and a Sa’ar 6 Corvette. Significantly, the MPs visited Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) where they were briefed on the Arrow 3 Missile Defense System and on the Heron-TP drone, which was of particular public interest due to the war in Ukraine and the impact on European countries’ defense strategy.

Poland and Baltic States Delegation

ELNET hosted its first-ever delegation of senior politicians from the Baltic Countries (Estonia Latvia, and Lithuania), and Poland. With the Russian aggression against Ukraine directly impacting these four NATO countries, this trip to Israel enabled the participants exclusive exposure to Israeli expertise and the opportunity to learn from Israel and strengthen cooperation. The delegation met with senior Israeli officials and experts on various topics, ranging from defense and security, national resilience, trauma and PTSD treatment, homeland security, health and cyber.

ELNET Activities Across Central Eastern Europe

ELNET continues to expand its activities across Central Eastern Europe. As such, ELNET hosted the first ever delegation from the Israeli-Polish Friendship Group to visit Israel. Soon after, ELNET hosted its first delegation of Czech Members of Parliament. These delegations, combined with additional activity mark yet another success for ELNET’s expanding activity across Central Eastern Europe, a key region for strategic and economic partnership with Israel. 

European Leadership Network - Our Mission

ELNET – The European Leadership Network – is the premier organization dedicated to strengthening relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and strategic interests.

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Joint French and German Climate Change Delegation

ELNET hosted members of the French and German parliaments on a first-ever climate change delegation. The delegates learned how Israeli innovation positively impacts the environment, and explored opportunities to work with Israel to make progress on the climate change issue. The delegation focused on green technology and renewable energy, and strengthened a sense of friendship and shared goals toward a more sustainable planet.

Young European Politicians Delegation - March 2022

ELNET in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a delegation of Young European Politicians from 10 different European countries to see and hear firsthand about Israel and the significant importance of strong relations between Israel and Europe



Exclusive ELNET interview with MP Francken, Rapporteur NATO PA Mediterranean & Middle East Group

MP Francken, hosted by ELNET as part of the Young European Political Leaders Delegation, shares his insights and findings from a recent report published by him. In the report, titled “Shifting Geopolitics in Iran and the Gulf”, MP Francken, who serves as the Rapporteur of the NATO PA Mediterranean and Middle East special group, has outlined recommendations for Allied governments regarding Iran. 

Emergency Briefing with Israeli Rescue Mission to Turkey in Earthquake Aftermath - Hosted by ELNET

ELNET hosted an Emergency Briefing with the Israeli Rescue Mission on the ground in Turkey. The Israeli mission, which included the IDF and Magen David Adom, was among the first missions to arrive in Turkey immediately after it was hit by a massive earthquake. Despite the extremely difficult conditions and freezing weather, the mission succeeded in saving an unprecedented number of lives.

Young Legislators from Across Europe Visit Israel with ELNET

Watch ELNET’s Young Politicians Delegation of 12 young and promising Members of Parliament from across Europe, hosted together with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

German Bundestag Interior and Homeland Committee delegation

ELNET- Germany brings a delegation of members of the German Bundestag Interior and Homeland Committee to enhance security cooperation with Israel

ELNET 2021 Gala: Message from Israel's Foreign Minister Yair Lapid

Listen to the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, share a message for ELNET’s 2021 Gala event. 

ELNET 2021 Gala: Message from Israel's Foreign Minister Yair Lapid

Listen to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yair Lapid, share a message for ELNET’s 2021 Gala event. 

Message from Yair Lapid, Israel's Foreign Affairs Minister (former Opposition Leader) to ELNET

At the last Friends of ELNET Virtual Gala, Israel’s Foreign Minister and then-Opposition leader Yair Lapid stressed the importance of Europe-Israel ties and ELNET, noting, “Israel and Europe remain strategic partners. We share a common set of values and common interests. ELNET is a tremendous asset to this relationship.” We invite you to view the short video.

ELNET Hosts Senior European Parliament Members in Israel for a First Post-Covid Visit

ELNET hosted the first delegation from the European Parliament to visit Israel in two years. The delegation was composed of senior members of the European Parliament, including several former Ministers, the former Vice Presidents of the European Commission and the Slovenian Parliament, and the Secretary-General of the European People’s Party (EPP), the largest European political party.

ELNET Delegation of Senior Security and Defense experts from Israel to MILIPOL, France

ELNET sent a delegation of 12 high-level security and defense experts from Israel to France to attend MILIPOL (Military-Police), a leading event for homeland security and safety. The group of experts met with interlocutors from the security and defense industry from all over the world.

ELNET hosted the largest diplomatic delegation to visit Israel in 18 months, and the first to meet with Israel’s new political leadership

ELNET hosted the largest diplomatic delegation to visit Israel in 18 months, and the first to meet with Israel’s new political leadership. The delegation included 36 Members of the French Parliament from a broad spectrum of political parties, the majority visiting Israel for the first time.

European Ambassadors Join ELNET's Energy & Maritime Security Tour

ELNET brought 13 senior European ambassadors on a special tour of Israel’s northern sea border with Lebanon to discuss opportunities and threats, as well as gas reservoirs in the Eastern Mediterranean. The energy sector, crucial for the Israeli economy, yet so vulnerable to foreign threats, was the main focus of the one-day program.

ELNET Hosts a Delegation of Muslim Leaders from Europe to Israel

In June 2019, ELNET hosted in Israel an exceptional delegation of 40 young Belgian and French Muslim leaders and activists. The overall purpose of the visit was to provide the delegation with a stronger understanding of Israel and to foster inter religious dialogue and collaboration.

ELNET Takes European Ambassadors for a Strategic Tour of Israel's Northern Border

More than a dozen ambassadors and senior diplomats, currently based in Israel, representing key European countries, including the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, and the European Union, flew for a strategic tour of country’s border with Lebanon. 

Europe Eager to Learn From Israel’s Vaccination Campaign Success

ELNET launched a series of special briefings connecting Israeli experts with European decision-makers to share Israeli expertise in digital health and crisis management, and lessons to learn from the Israeli vaccination success.

President Reuven Rivlin Greets ELNET Community

“The history of the Jewish people & the history of Europe are bound together,” said President Reuven Rivlin. “Nowadays, the State of Israel and nations of Europe share democratic values of freedom and human dignity. You in ELNET are here to make sure that we remember how much we have in common.”


ELNET Takes European Ambassadors to Israel's Northern Border

More than 12 ambassadors and senior diplomats, currently based in Israel, representing key European countries, including the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, and the European Union, flew to Israel’s North for a strategic tour at the country’s border with Lebanon. The program, organized by ELNET in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), presented the regional threats posed by Hezbollah and Iran.

Interview with Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaacov Amidror on the Sidelines of the Spain-Israel Strategic Dialogue

Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaacov Amidror, former National Security Advisor and Head of Israel’s National Security Council discusses geopolitics in the Middle East and Spain-Israel relations with Carlota García Encina of the Real Instituto Elcano on the sidelines of the 1st Spain-Israel Strategic Dialogue.


Interview with Lord Trimble on the Sidelines of the UK-Israel Strategic Dialogue

Lord David Trimble, one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement and a Nobel Prize laureate, discusses peace negotiations with the Oren Nahari of the Walla News on the side of the Third UK-Israel Strategic Dialogue.

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ELNET International Policy Conference - Join us for #EIPC2022!

Video about the ELNET International Policy Conference in Paris – ELNET’s annual event on Europe-Israel relations.

ELNET International Policy Conference - EIPC 2018

Highlights from the First ELNET International Policy Conference in Paris – first of its kind event on Europe-Israel relations.