Video Highlights

We invite you to watch selected video highlights from ELNET’s recent projects below.

Message from Yair Lapid, Israel's Foreign Affairs Minister (former Opposition Leader) to ELNET

At the last Friends of ELNET Virtual Gala, Israel’s Foreign Minister and then-Opposition leader Yair Lapid stressed the importance of Europe-Israel ties and ELNET, noting, “Israel and Europe remain strategic partners. We share a common set of values and common interests. ELNET is a tremendous asset to this relationship.” We invite you to view the short video.

European Ambassadors Join ELNET's Energy & Maritime Security Tour

ELNET brought thirteen senior European ambassadors went on a special briefing tour of Israel’s northern sea border with Lebanon to discuss opportunities and threats, as well as gas reservoirs in the eastern Mediterranean. The energy sector – so important for the Israeli economy, yet so vulnerable to foreign threats was the main focus of the one-day program.

ELNET Takes European Ambassadors for a Strategic Tour of Israel's Northern Border

More than a dozen ambassadors and senior diplomats, currently based in Israel, representing key European countries, including the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, and the European Union, flew for a strategic tour of country’s border with Lebanon. 

Europe Eager to Learn From Israel’s Vaccination Campaign Success

ELNET launched a series of special briefings connecting Israeli experts with European decision-makers to share Israeli expertise in digital health and crisis management, and lessons to learn from the Israeli vaccination success.

President Reuven Rivlin Greets ELNET Community

“The history of the Jewish people & the history of Europe are bound together,” said President Reuven Rivlin. “Nowadays, the State of Israel and nations of Europe share democratic values of freedom and human dignity. You in ELNET are here to make sure that we remember how much we have in common.”

ELNET Delegation of Muslim Leaders from Europe to Israel

In June 2019, ELNET hosted in Israel an exceptional delegation of 40 young Belgian and French Muslim leaders and activists. The overall purpose of the visit was to provide the delegation with a stronger understanding of Israel and to foster inter religious dialogue and collaboration.

ELNET International Policy Conference - Join us for #EIPC2022!

Video about the ELNET International Policy Conference in Paris – ELNET’s annual event on Europe-Israel relations.

ELNET International Policy Conference - EIPC 2018

Highlights from the First ELNET International Policy Conference in Paris – first of its kind event on Europe-Israel relations.