Announcement: ELNET Launches a New Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

ELNET, the leading organization dedicated to strengthening relations between Israel and Europe, announced the launching of a new regional office in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), during the Jerusalem Post conference in New York. President of Friends of ELNET David Siegel announced the decision during remarks highlighting the growing importance of the CEE countries and their ties with Israel, resulting from the war in Ukraine.

ELNET-CEE will be a dynamic platform for deepening relations between Israel and the region, with particular focus on national security cooperation, emergency preparedness and resilience. By strategically establishing a dedicated presence in Central and Eastern Europe, ELNET will actively engage with key government officials, policymakers, and experts. This proactive approach will facilitate the exchange of know-how and expertise and promote regional cooperation based on shared challenges and interests.

Remarking on the importance of the decision, Siegel stated, “The launching of ELNET-CEE is a pivotal milestone in our mission to strengthen the bonds between Central and Eastern Europe and Israel. Given the evolving developments in Europe, it is crucial for us to work together in the face of new regional challenges.”

Leveraging its extensive network and expertise, ELNET will facilitate meaningful strategic dialogues and lead high-level delegations to Israel addressing a variety of fields, including defense cooperation, national resilience, and energy security. By fostering partnerships between Central and Eastern Europe and Israel, ELNET aims to contribute to regional stability, promote energy solutions, and enhance bilateral relations.

Simultaneously, ELNET is currently hosting its first delegation from Central and Eastern European countries and will host its first CEE Strategic Dialogue in Israel this week. Senior policymakers and experts from Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia will participate and meet with high-level Israeli officials, MKs, MFA diplomats and senior policy experts.

With a proven track record of promoting relations between Israel and Europe, ELNET has made significant contributions to strengthening ties between Eastern Europe and Israel through its ELNET-Poland office. The establishment of ELNET-CEE signifies a natural progression in expanding and deepening these efforts.

ELNET-Poland CEO Marta Kubica has expanded her professional team and will lead the new ELNET-CEE office. Through her vitality and expertise, ELNET-CEE will continue to drive the organization’s mission forward.

Kubica emphasized the significance of establishing a strategic alliance between Central and Eastern European countries and Israel in response to the repercussions of the full-scale Russian invasion on Ukraine. 

She stated, “As the world witnesses the consequences of this invasion, it becomes crucial for CEE countries and Israel to build a strategic alliance. By working together on bilateral and regional levels, we can enhance defence capabilities, strengthen civilian resilience, ensure energy security, foster economic growth, and unite against common threats. This is the opportune time for CEE countries and Israel to forge a robust and enduring partnership that will safeguard our nations and our people.”