ELNET Statement on Hostage Deal

ELNET is greatly heartened at the prospect of the release of some of the hostages, and extends its support to the families during this time. The international community must remain steadfast in demanding the return of all of the hostages, and we call on European leaders to keep this matter at the top of the global agenda.

ELNET Statement on French President Macron’s call for a ceasefire

ELNET is deeply concerned by President Macron’s call for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas. A ceasefire would enable Hamas to regroup and endanger Israeli forces as well as the hostages. It would not impact the humanitarian aid that is being delivered daily to the civilian population of Gaza.

ELNET Statement on the Attack Against Israel

Hamas declared war on Israel committing outrageous acts of violence, including the murder and kidnapping of civilians, men, women, and children. This marks one of the most unprecedented and bloody attacks in decades. It is crucial that Europe condemn this historic act of war and support Israel in its efforts to defend its sovereignty and protect its civilian population.