ELNET Statement on the Halt of All EU Funding to Palestinians

ELNET applauds the European Union’s historic decision to halt all of its funding to Palestinians in response to the unprecedented brutal acts of war and terror against Israel and its civilians. This decision marks a crucial turning point – there can be no return to business as usual.

As the largest donor to the Palestinians, the European Commission has announced putting the full development portfolio, valued at EUR 691 million, under review. This comprehensive review entails immediate suspension of all payments, careful scrutiny of all ongoing projects, postponement of all new budget proposals including those for 2023 until further notice, and a thorough assessment of the entire portfolio. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the EU’s commitment to ensuring that its resources are directed toward promoting education, health, and infrastructure.

ELNET has long been committed to educating and engaging European policymakers through its programming on the dangers of funding being misused for terror purposes. We commend the EU for taking proactive steps to address these concerns and for prioritizing the responsible allocation of funds.

ELNET appreciates the EU’s commitment to combatting terrorism and incitement to hatred, and we look forward to continued efforts aimed at fostering a peaceful and secure future for all parties involved. This decisive move by the European Union reaffirms the importance of diplomacy, dialogue, and cooperation in the pursuit of lasting peace in the Middle East.