ELNET is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and strategic interests.

High-level Delegations, Visits & Events
Strategic Dialogues

Our Mission

The European Leadership Network (ELNET) brings together leaders who believe in the importance of close relations between Europe and Israel, based on shared democratic values and common interests. 

ELNET provides unique opportunities for mutual dialogue and encourages exchanges among policymakers from different political backgrounds. We facilitate in-depth policy discussions on key strategic issues and host high-level delegations to experience the realities on the ground.

Our Values

ELNET is a non-governmental organization which strictly maintains its impartiality and independence. We believe that a strong Europe-Israel relationship can be achieved through a nuanced, balanced and multidimensional approach.

ELNET strongly supports a safe and secure Israel and the pursuit of peace in the Middle East through direct negotiations between Israel, the Palestinians and Arab countries. Europe has an important role to play in supporting the parties achieve peace and stability. 

Our Approach

ELNET encourages mainstream political movements in Europe and Israel to deepen their ties and pursue new opportunities for bilateral cooperation. To this end, ELNET has established an effective network of professional affiliates in key European countries, and offers a broad menu of programs, including delegations, dialogues, conferences and roundtables.

ELNET works to educate policymakers and opinion leaders about the complexity of global and regional issues, foster key ties between European and Israeli leaders, and empower political advocates of the Europe-Israel relationship.

Our Vision

We believe Israel and Europe share deep values, mutual interests and strategic challenges. Closer economic and political relations benefit both sides and is important to the future of the Middle East. As such, ELNET works to pursue long-term strategic partnerships between European countries and Israel. 

Our Partners

ELNET collaborates with a broad range of government institutions, international organizations and research institutes in Israel and Europe.

ELNET Professional Team & Leadership: ELNET boards worldwide.