ELNET Italy Hosts Nova Survivor And Hostage Family Member At Lombardi Event

ELNET Italy’s event in Lombardy Region, Milan, aimed at raising awareness about critical issues facing Israel and the Jewish community, turned into a profound moment of solidarity and remembrance. Held on February 27-28 at the Pirelli Skyscraper, the event focused on combating anti-Semitism, delegitimization, boycotts, and countering threats posed by Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. The gathering was marked by testimonies from individuals and survivors directly affected by the October 7th attacks. The audience consisted of political-institutional figures and business representatives and President of Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana who they describe as a friend of Israel hosted the event.

The event began with an introduction from president of ELNET Italia, Roberta Anati. She stressed the importance of hearing the testimonies and ELNET’s belief in the value they hold. Marco Bestetti, regional councilor of Fratelli d’Italia, highlighted the fact that these survivors “do not in fact have any feelings of hatred or revenge, but only the will to be able to smile again soon”.

Tomer Zadik, a 24-year-old from Tel Aviv, an Israeli Navy veteran as well as an Italian Citizen himself, recounted his harrowing experience at the Nova Festival, where he was shot and wounded by Hamas terrorists. Dalit Katzenellenbogen spoke of her family’s ordeal, retelling the story of her cousin Elad Katzir who remains a hostage in Gaza still today and the loss of many other family members in the attacks. These emotional, firsthand depictions of the attacks were emotional and touched everyone in the room.

In addition to the two testimonies there was a panel filled with many other influential and important figures including: Attilio Fontana (Governor of Lombardy Region), Federico Romani (President of the Regional Council), Marco Bestetti (State Representative Lombardy Region), Manfredi Palmeri (State Representative Lombardy Region) and Roberta Anati, President ELNET Italia.

The event was attended by political, institutional figures, and business representatives, aiming to foster high-level relationships between Italian and Israeli officials and enhance cooperation in counterterrorism, cybersecurity, trade, innovation, and environmental sustainability. The testimonies provided a powerful insight into the two most notorious happenings on October 7th : the Kibbutzim and the Nova Festival. The event received full press and TV coverage, to ensure every person can come into direct contact with such harrowing testimonies to increase awareness and understanding of the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas terrorists.