Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld Visits The UK And France To Meet Officials And Discuss October 7 Police Efforts

Between March 4th and 7th, ELNET UK and ELNET France hosted Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld, Senior International Officer in the Israel Police Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Unit on a 4-day visit to the UK and France. The goal in mind was to raise awareness on the current Israeli security situation and the reality of life in Israel post October 7, further educate on the atrocities committed that day, and finally garner more support in the fundamental campaign against terrorism.

Superintendent Rosenfeld worked tirelessly day after day meeting with a plethora of ministers, numerous key police and national security representatives, heads of commissions, as well as vital members of the UK Parliament and the French Senate. The Superintendent also met with many representatives of involved local Jewish community groups and lawmakers, all eager to take an active part in this mission.

In the UK, he met with Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in London, and crucial decision-makers from the London City Police Authority. This was followed by a meeting at the House of Lords with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Policing and Security (APPG) and with the Co-Chair of the group, Lord Toby Harris. In the House of Commons, a meeting commenced with the Members of the Parliamentary Group of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFoI) which included MP Andrew Percy, APPG Vice-Chair, who, on several occasions since October 7, visited Israel on ELNET’s Solidarity Missions

To gain further insights into the growing threat British Jewry face in the UK he met with the International Division of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and their Vice President, David Mendoza Wolfson and meeting with Mark Gardner, Chief Executive of the Community Security Trust (CST), Britain’s leading security organization fighting antisemitism , he was able to understand the measures of security being taken to ensure their safety and discuss further strategies to ensure the communities protection. The latter fight has been exacerbated since October 7 in the UK, with a rise in antisemitic acts of violence and numerous anti-Israel protests having been conducted. 

Following this, he led a meeting with Dr. Jonathan Eyal, the International Director of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). He then met with Tony Bloom MBE, of the Bloom Foundation, a UK-based family foundation that looks for operational and financial ways to address social issues, also in attendance was Louise Jacobs, Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC).

At Westminster Synagogue, a session convened with the United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA) CEO Mandie Winston, and incoming Chair Zvi Noe. Another opportunity to meet and discuss critical issues with representatives of the British Jewry. To conclude his efforts in the UK, Superintendent Rosenfeld met with UK Government Security Minister, MP Tom Tugendhat, a professional on the matter of Islamic Jihad and counterterrorism.


The next day, in Paris, Superintendent Rosenfeld attended a conference at the Senate with a number of familiar delegates who previously participated in ELNET’s Solidarity Missions to Israel. The meeting was chaired by Senator of Haute-Savoie Region and Vice President of the French Senate Loïc Hervé, who himself visited Israel and the sites destroyed by Hamas terror on October 7th. Shortly after, the Superintendent sat with Senator Olivier Cadic, Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee. He then met with Prefect Frédéric Péchenard, VP in charge of Security at the Regional Council of Paris and Vice President in charge of Security and Victim Assistance. At the Judicial Police Headquarters (DNPJ) Superintendent Rosenfeld met with its National Director, Christian Sainte, as well as his deputy, Philippe Chadrys and Lucas Philippe from the Directorate on International Cooperation and Security (DCIO).

At the Paris ELNET offices former Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls spoke with Superintendent Rosenfeld, whom he previously met on his visit to Israel the week following the October 7th attacks and he was later interviewed by a local news journal.

Superintendent Rosenfeld sat with Journalist Harold Hyman and afterwards met with esteemed Dr. Amélie Ferey, Head of the Defence Research Unit, Security Studies Centre at the French Institute of International Relations.  Later at the National Assembly, he met with MP Constance le Grip VP of the Parliamentary Friendship group between France and Israel, Chair of the Study Group on Antisemitism, along with its VP, MP Caroline Yadan. To end his final day, Superintendent Rosenfeld headed to Paris’ City Hall where he held a meeting with the municipality’s officials.

Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld’s deep understanding of the facts and educational prowess were recognized by individuals from security, political, and NGO sectors, all keen to engage and build ongoing partnerships. This ensured his visit was truly successful. 

At ELNET, we value collaboration, where open dialogue and mutual curiosity meet on critical shared interests, driving us forward in our mission.