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ELNET (European Leadership Network)

The European Leadership Network (ELNET) unites Europeans and Israelis who believe that close relations between Europe and Israel, in their shared democratic values, historical connections, and common interests, are vital to both parties.


Europe is a region of great strategic and political importance, with the largest economy in the world.


Israel is a successful, free-market democracy, an influential strategic partner, and a global leader in modern science and technology.

Participants discussing at the France-Israel Strategic Dialogue, which has become a strategic partnership between France and Israel over the years.

ELNET's vision is to pursue strategic partnerships between European countries and Israel, based on shared values of democracy, peace, freedom and prosperity, in building a brighter and safer tomorrow.


ELNET is establishing an effective pan-European network of local, professional affiliates in key European countries. These independent yet interconnected and cooperative organizations engage important European leaders in critical policy dialogues to strengthen relations with Israel.





Affiliates have been set up in Germany, FrancePoland, and Brussels to work with the EU and NATO. ELNET also has targeted activities in Spain and the UK. These countries were selected strategically on the basis of influence in shaping European policy. ELNET also has an affiliate in Israel to facilitate its work in Europe. The U.S.-based Friends of ELNET (FELNET) supports ELNET's efforts in Europe.


ELNET works with all mainstream political movements in Europe and Israel to build bridges between the European and Israeli majority consensus, especially the center-right and the center-left. Established as an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit, and non-partisan organization, ELNET is not affiliated with any political, religious or ethnic group in Europe or in Israel, and its members represent diverse streams of opinion.


ELNET was founded in 2007 by visionary leaders from Europe, Israel, and the U.S. It is supported by private philanthropists and foundations in Europe, North America, Australia and Israel. The organization does not receive any direct financial support from governments, although some programs have been co-sponsored by Ministries in Germany, France, Spain, and Poland. Furthermore, ELNET collaborates regularly with a number of government agencies and local embassies, to facilitate relationship-building opportunities and study visits for senior officials.


ELNET strongly supports the pursuit of peace through direct negotiations between Israel and its neighbors, European efforts to promote direct talks between the parties, and solutions toward independence and political self-determination for the Palestinian people while safeguarding Israel's security. ELNET supports a future peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians that has been developed through democratic processes.


The Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD) facilitates high-level dialogue between Europe and Israel, beyond the constraints of formal inter-governmental relations. The first Strategic Dialogue was spearheaded by ELNET in 2010. The success of this event led to the development of the dialogue process, the inclusion of additional countries and partners, and eventually to the establishment of the FSD in 2013 as an independent entity, part of the ELNET network. Today, the FSD holds annual Strategic Dialogues between Israel and Germany, France, the UK, and Poland, as well as with the EU. Additionally, the FSD held a 1st NATO-Israel Cooperation Event in 2014.