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ELNET (European Leadership Network)

ELNET strengthens relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and common strategic interests. ELNET impacts ongoing policy issues affecting Europe-Israel relations by building relationships between senior European and Israeli decision-makers, conducting educational programs enhancing mutual understanding and empowering European citizens to be politically engaged.

ELNET hosts a cross-party German Bundestag delegation lead by the Head of the Opposition
Header text1 ELNET and the FSD host a Roundtable Session at the 15th Herzliya Conference with the IDC
Header text2 ELNET and the FSD launch the first-ever UK-Israel Strategic Dialogue
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Three pillars of ELNET's work
Educational programs, fact-based issue papers for European policymakers and briefings by experts on international events and events in the Middle East
Relationships between leading European and Israeli decision-makers—policymakers, policy advisers, government officials, experts, researchers, journalists, and academics—and between European citizens and their elected officials
Empowerment of European citizens to be politically engaged
Germany views Iran as a potential threat not just to Israel, but also to European countries.
Angela Merkel Germany's Chancellor
To weaken Israel is to weaken all of us...the war against terrorism is a war that threatens all of us. I would like this to be a shocking realization for the European Union.
MP Christian Estrosi Mayor of Nice, France, Interview during visit to Israel organized by ELNET