ELNET Hosted First-Ever NATO Seminar on the Abraham Accords

Last week ELNET hosted in cooperation with The Mitvim Institute the first ever NATO Seminar in the context of the Abraham Accords.

This seminar was tremendously timely and important given the rise in geopolitical instability created by the war in Ukraine. The seminar focused on today’s challenging security environment, and the opportunities arising from the Abraham Accords, particularly in the context of maritime security, alternative energy sources, and the threat of the deepening Russian-Iranian alliance.

The seminar took place at NATO’s Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. In addition to Mitvim, other partners included The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Security Studies (Derasat) and Morocco’s Policy Center for the New South. The participants came from Israel, Morocco, and Bahrain, as well as representatives of NATO member countries and NATO officials.

During the seminar, critical discussions were had on future cooperation between the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa regions and NATO. Such cooperation within the context of the Abraham Accords will enable tackling the new challenges all parties are faced with, and guarantee a prosperous future for Israel, Europe, and the entire Middle East.