German and Israeli Ministers of Health Launch ELNET’s German-Israeli Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence

The global healthcare system is in the midst of a digital revolution, and many European countries are looking at Israel as a leading example of digitalized healthcare. To share Israeli experience in Germany, ELNET established the German Israeli Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence (GIHF-AI) focused on the future impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning in medical care.

As part of a three-year project, which is led by ELNET and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health, stakeholders from the health ecosystem of both countries will discuss the latest developments, regulations, and application of AI solutions in the health sector.

The new program was kicked off in Berlin by an official conference with keynotes given by the German Federal Minister of Health MP Jens Spahn and Israeli Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz.

German Federal Government Commissioner for Patients, Prof. Dr. Claudia Schmidtke explained the importance of the ELNET project: “the Covid-19 pandemic has made the need for a digital and connected healthcare system abundantly clear. A look at Israel provides very clear evidence of the added value that meaningful and secure use of health data can have for health research and patient care.”

Prof. Ran Balicer, chairman of the Israeli national advisory experts’ team on Covid-19 added: “In Israel, we have demonstrated the critical impact of digital health innovation on patient lives. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our predictive algorithms directed care to those at highest need and risk, as well as online care at no cost. Our use of health data for the benefit of all patients has saved many lives during this pandemic, and allowed us to provide the world with real-time evidence for decision making.”

You can watch the entire kick-off event online below: