Israeli Expertise Empowering Crisis Management in NATO Frontier Countries

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has awakened Europe to the paramount importance of effective crisis management, in particular within hospitals. This has been especially true for the ‘NATO frontier’ countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). 

To meet this need, ELNET CEE has recently organized an exceptional training at the Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo, Poland. This was the first-ever initiative in Poland of this kind, based on Israeli expertise. 

ELNET, in partnership with the Rambam School of Trauma & Mass Casualties and Pomeranian Hospitals, facilitated a two-day exclusive training focused on creating and updating protocols for the Mass Casualty Incidents and ER optimization. This was the first initiative in Poland targeting the development of optimal procedures and readiness of medical staff for mass incidents, particularly essential for frontier NATO countries. The training program attracted considerable interest, with over 50 participants from multiple hospitals, including medical staff, first responders, and hospital management representatives.

Top experts from Rambam Hospital in Israel conducted the training, drawing from their vast experience in trauma and mass casualty treatment. These Israeli experts brought to the table practical and tested crisis management strategies that have proven effective even under the most challenging circumstances. 

Led by Prof. Michael Halberthal, CEO and General Director of Rambam Health Care Campus, the training was tailored to address the unique needs of Central and Eastern European hospitals, preparing them to respond efficiently and effectively to potential emergencies. With a strong focus on hospital organization in crisis mode, emergency management software implementation, and psychological support to prevent professional burnout, ELNET’s program hopes to bolster the resilience of the Polish health care system in the face of rising challenges. 

This initiative is further example of ELNET’s dedication to leveraging Israeli expertise to strengthen Europe’s response systems, particularly in NATO’s frontier countries. In times of escalating geopolitical tensions in Europe, deepening relations with Israel has never been more critical.

"I am impressed with the organization and preparation of Rambam Hospital for mass incidents. The opportunity to benefit from the practical experience of Israeli disaster medicine specialists is very valuable."

"This project is an example of practical Polish-Israeli cooperation based on common needs and values. The Israeli approach to crisis management focuses on preparing institutions, personnel, and citizens for every possible scenario. Their proven solutions for crisis situations are shared openly, benefiting experts worldwide."