Israel, Europe and the Russia-Iran Axis – Dr. Emmanuel Navon

Israel’s multi-front war with Iran and its proxies is being fought within a wider geopolitical contest between the NATO alliance and the China-Iran-Russia axis. Hence, Israel has enjoyed the military and diplomatic support of the United States and – to a lesser extent – of Europe. At the same time, Russia and China have enhanced their relations with Iran and stepped-up hostile rhetoric toward Israel and have adopted a more anti-Israel stance in votes at the United Nations. U.S. support for Israel is irreplaceable, but relations with Europe should not be neglected.

This paper explains why, with three arguments: a. Germany, the United Kingdom and France are global military and economic powers that are important to Israel’s national security; b. Europe is an indispensable complement to the United States in facing Iran and its proxies; c. The war in Ukraine has created new security synergies between Israel and Europe.

While Europe’s three main powers are important to Israel’s national security, some European governments and EU (European Union) representatives implement policies that undermine Israel internationally. The map of pro and anti-Israel governments and parties in Europe is dynamic, and the outcome of the June 2024 elections for the European Parliament offers an opportunity to update Israel’s policy toward Europe.