Press Review – April 11, 2019

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“Farewell Elections, Hello Government” (analysis)

Ofer King, The Israel Democracy Institute

After an exhausting and polarizing election campaign, the people have spoken, and we’re now entering the next stage of the political lifecycle: forming a new government – Dr. Kenig explains what’s next. Read more…

“Netanyahu, the divisive force of nature who refused to be beaten (analysis)

David Horowitz, Times of Israel

Even the combined might of three former IDF chiefs proves no match for a prime minister now heading for his fifth term. Read more…

“Israeli Elections: What next for the likely Netanyahu coalition?” (analysis)

Calev Ben Dror, Fathom

Calev Ben-Dor writes that the good news for Netanyahu is that his ability to form a coalition with his ‘natural partners’ in the right wing and ultra-Orthodox camp should be easier than many predicted. However, the less good news are the three potential minefields coming down the track, which even Netanyahu – with all of his political genius – may struggle to manage. Read more…

“Three Takeaways and One Prediction From Israel’s Election” (opinion)

Michael J. Koplow, Israel Policy Forum

Now that the preliminary results of Israel’s election are in, the real fun begins as the various parties make their recommendations to President Ruvi Rivlin about who should form the next government and the coalition negotiations commence. But before the jockeying starts, here are the important takeaways from the vote results and one prediction about what comes next. Read more…

“Here are the Issues Israelis had in Mind When Voting” (report)

Josefin Dolsten/JTA

Israel can seem like a country that is perpetually obsessed with war and peace. But the survey showed that for both Israeli Jews and Arabs, bread-and-butter issues were most on their minds. Read more…

“Cyprus, Greece, Israel alliance serves US interests” (comment)

Endy Zemenides, David Haris, Ekathimerini

A more stable, energy independent and integrated Eastern Mediterranean will be a game-changer in this vital part of the world and could serve as a model for future cross-border development far beyond. Read more…

“For Syrian refugees in Greece, Israel is no longer the enemy” (report)

Liad Osmo, Ynet News

Greek refugee aid centers are mainly operated by Israelis; in Lesbos there is an Israeli school for Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees; and it is all part of a joint plan to revolutionize the concept of ‘Tikkun Olam’ and Jewish volunteering around the world. Read more…

“The Rise of Antisemitism: Implications for Israeli-European Relations” (report)


Antisemitic discourse, which was generally associated with the fringes of society, is now at the center of the public-political debate, and even figures among some ruling parties. How should Israel and Europe respond to this phenomenon? Read more…

“Hamas caught in trap of its own making” (opinion)

Shimrit Meir, Ynet News

A year has passed since the start of March of Return campaign and Gaza’s rulers have nothing to show for it, leading them to make desperate decisions because now it’s a matter of political survival. Read more…

“Hamas Crackdown on Gaza Protests Instills Fear” (report)

Iyad Abuheweila and Isabel Kershner, New York Times

Hamas security forces moved quickly to quell the protests that brought hundreds of people into the streets in at least four camps and towns across Gaza this month to demand better living conditions. Read more…

“Egypt and Israel: From Peace between Leaders and Armies to Peace between Peoples” (analysis)

Ofir Winter and Udi Dekel, INSS

March 2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. This signed agreement affirmed peace as the strategic choice of both countries, and in turn distanced them from the danger of war. Read more…