Press Review – August 11, 2019

“Iran Across the Border: Israel’s Pushback in Syria” (report)

Michael Herzog, The Washington Institute

Of all the threats in Israel’s strategic landscape, none have loomed larger in recent years than Iran’s ambitions and developing military capabilities in neighboring Syria and Lebanon. Read more…

“There’s a Deal to Be Had Between the U.S. and Iran.  For now, though, both sides seem to prefer escalating pressure” (analysis)

Dennis Ross, The Atlantic

The risk of a conflict that neither side actually wants remains high—high enough to motivate the Europeans to do all they can to persuade each side to de-escalate and broker a new understanding. Read more…

“As economic crisis worsens, Iran threatens to reactivate nuclear programme” (analysis)

Yaakov Lappin, Fathom Journal

In this essay, military and strategic affairs analyst Yaakov Lappin analyses the rationale behind the US ‘maximum pressure’ campaign, explores Iranian dilemmas, and presents four different scenarios for how Iran may respond. Read more….

“Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation and a threat to Europe” (opinion)

Michael Sieveking, New Europe

It’s often contended that blacklisting Hezbollah will hamper Europe’s ties with Lebanon. There is no evidence, however, that a sensible counter-terrorism policy targeting Hezbollah could not be harmonised with robust bilateral ties with Beirut. Read more…

“Iran Nuke Breach Is Europe’s Test, Netanyahu Tells Haaretz” (report)

Noa Landau, Haaretz

European leaders must keep their promise, Israel’s prime minister says following news that Tehran is now enriching uranium to 4.5% – a major violation of the 2015 deal. Read more…

“Friends With Caveats. Will Israel and the Gulf States Form a United Front Against Iran?” (analysis)

Yoel Guzansky, Daniel B. Shapiro, Foreign Affairs

Not long ago, such a thaw in Arab-Israeli relations would have been unthinkable, and many view the recent flurry of diplomatic activity as heralding a rapprochement of historic proportions. Read more…

“Will an Israeli Energy Boom Make the EU Pro-Israel?” (argument)

Jamie Levin, Mieczyslaw P. Boduszynski, Foreign Policy

Future dependency on Israeli natural gas could change the political equation for many European countries that are currently critical of Israeli policies toward Palestinians. Read more…

“UK Forced to disclose audits of funds used by PA for terrorists’ salaries” (news report)

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, Jerusalem Post

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has ordered the Department for International Development (DFID) to disclose audit reports of accounts into which British grant money was transferred and allegedly used to pay salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists. Read more…

“Israel’s Do-over Election: A Guide to All the Parties and Who Holds the Keys to the Next Government” (analysis)

Allison Kaplan Sommer, Haaretz

Israeli politics has been reshaped by new alliances that make the September 17 election even harder to predict, with Avigdor Lieberman and Ayelet Shaked likely to hold the key to the next government.Read more…

“Graves, guilt and genius: Inside Lithuania’s struggle with its checkered past” (report)

Raphael Ahren, Times of Israel

Once an epicenter of Jewish life, the Baltic state still refuses to come clean about its dark history, critics charge. But recent developments show it is a work in progress. Read more…