Press Review – December 2019

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“French parliament decides anti-Zionism is antisemitism” (news report)

Lahav Harkov, the Jerusalem Post

Anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism, France’s National Assembly determined on Tuesday, voting on a resolution calling on the government to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. Read more…

Yes, Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism” (opinion)

Bret Stephens, National Post

Anti-Semitism is anti-Zionism, because like all forms of Jew hatred in history, it has adapted itself almost like a virus to the cultural and political fashions of our day. Read more…

“2019 Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Survey on Antisemitism” (survey)


ADL commissioned First International Resources to update attitudes and opinions toward Jewish people in 18 countries around the world, including in Europe. Read more…

“Dutch parliament passes motion against mandatory labeling of settlement products” (news report)

Times of Israel

Coalition-approved decision calls on government to object to EU court’s ruling as discriminatory, unless similar standards are applied to all disputed territories around the world. Read more…

“Hezbollah uses Germany to finance terrorism, weapons purchases” (news report)

Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post

Some 30 mosques and cultural centers in Germany have links to Hezbollah, according to a 2019 Hamburg intelligence agency report. Read more…

“BICOM Populus poll of UK Attitudes to Israel and the Middle East” (survey)


The annual survey asks questions about countries in the Middle East with specific questions about trade, counter terrorism and support for a boycott of Israel. Read more…

“Europeans Rap Iran for Working on Nuclear-Capable Missiles” (news report)

The AP

France, Germany and the United Kingdom say “Iran’s developments of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles” go against a U.N. Security Council resolution calling on Tehran not to undertake any activity related to such missiles. Read more…

“Marking a first, 11 EU countries vote against anti-Israel UN resolution” (analysis)

Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post

On September 22, 2016, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the UN General Assembly and said that he had a message that would shock the audience: “Israel has a bright future at the UN.” Read more…

“Gas and foreign policy: how Israel is leveraging energy to stabilise the region and advance geostrategic objectives” (analysis)

Ezra Friedman, Fathom Journal

The discovery of gas is transforming the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean. Israel, long reliant on energy imports to meet national domestic energy consumption, is set to become not only energy self-sufficient but also an exporter, on a regional and – just maybe – international scale. Read more…

The Netanyahu investigations: details, process, and possibilities” (briefing)


This briefing examines the corruption cases, maps out the different stages of the legal and political processes, and analyses potential future scenarios. Read more…

Israeli industry foresees growth in Europe — if it can face off against foreign defense giants” (analysis)

Seth J. Frantzman, Defense News

Israeli defense companies are expanding their footprint in Europe through technologies such as land digitization, avionics upgrades, electronic warfare, and command-and-control systems. Read more…