Jerusalem Post: “Israel should be a global NATO partner”

Rihards Kols, a member of the Latvian Parliament and Chair of its Foreign Affairs Committee, attended the 3rd EIPC Conference as a speaker on various panels. 

He shared his reaction to the event with the Jerusalem Post Magazine:

European Countries, and Latvia in particular, can learn a great deal from Israel’s experience in security, defense and civil defense. Kols warned that countries that do not take their defense needs seriously risk the danger of being harmed by more aggressive nations. 

In light of NATO’s upcoming 75th anniversary, Kols said Israel should be invited to become a global partner of NATO, adding that “it is time for the democratic world to unite. If we look at the member states of the United Nations, democracies are in the minority. If Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Japan are already global partners to NATO, it makes sense for Israel to also be a global partner, and the cooperation should be enhanced.”

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