About Our Activities

Delegations and visits

Personal experiences and face-to-face exchanges between government representatives, parliamentarians, experts, journalists, and academics are the founding stone of lasting and strong relationship between Europe and Israel. With this in mind, ELNET facilitates high level delegations, visits, roundtables, briefings and discussions providing decision-makers and opinion leaders a platform to exchange ideas. Through its thematic delegations and tailored visits, ELNET provides access to various aspects of Israeli politics and economics stimulating exchange and offering valuable insights on Israel and the broader region.

Delegation of French policymakers in Israel in discussions with their counterparts
Journalists and experts on a briefing with Israel Police Spokesperson Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld
Brig. Gen. (ret.) Michael Herzog explaining the consequences of the nearness of the border with Gaza to French parliamentarians
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Min. Shaked, MK Merav Micheli and former Ambassador on the sidelines of the German-Israel Strategic Forum
President Reuven Rivlin meeting delegation of French policymakers
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Experiencing the Issues: Delegations to Israel

ELNET’s delegations are carefully planned and aim to provide its participants with a powerful and motivating series of experiences that help them shape an independent and well-informed view of Israel. ELNET accomplishes this by developing an itinerary that includes meetings with top-level government officials and influential politicians, strategic tours and briefings with independent policy experts and IDF personnel, meetings with minority groups that embody Israel’s commitment to democracy, visits to leading NGOs, and trips to historical and religious sites.

Gaining Personal Insight: Meetings with Policymakers

ELNET creates opportunities for in-depth discussions on challenging and complex strategic issues pertaining to Israel-Europe relations, by bringing influential Israeli leaders and experts to Europe and hosting delegations of senior European decision-makers to Israel. These encounters provide high-ranking policymakers with insightful views about ongoing developments in the international and Middle Eastern arenas, and a forum for direct exchange with their counterparts.

Member of Knesset Amit Ohana at the European Parliament
Member of Knesset Yair Lapid in Berlin talking to German policymakers
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The First German-Israeli Strategic Forum
Participants of the France-Israel Strategic Dialogue look at the Israeli-made drone
The Third Poland-Israel Strategic Dialogue in Warsaw
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Strategic Dialogues

Jointly with the Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD), ELNET sponsors Strategic Dialogues that engage leading experts and ranking officials from Israel and Europe in informal dialogues and discussion beyond the constraints of inter-governmental relations. These “Track One and a Half” diplomacy forums provide a safe environment that encourages participants to develop breakthrough ideas and engage in joint brainstorming towards enhanced bilateral cooperation and relationship building.

Educational activities

ELNET actively educates and informs political leaders in Europe and Israel, keeping them apprised of critical developments pertaining to the Europe-Israel relationship. The exchange of expertise from Europe and Israel is facilitated through seminars, conferences, as well as original research and publications.

ELNET Roundtable at the Herzliya conference
Channukka event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
Polish Tech Tour to Israel
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