Our Network

ELNET in a network of independent organizations dedicated to strengthening Europe-Israel relations. The network consists of four European affiliates: EU &NATO (Brussels), France, Germany, and Poland, as well as an affiliate in Israel. In addition, ELNET conducts activities in United Kingdom (UK) and Spain. The US-based Friends of ELNET (FELNET) supports ELNET’s operations in Europe.

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ELNET Germany works across the entire political spectrum to foster and develop Germany-Israel relations through strategic meetings, educational seminars, and delegations in both Germany and Israel.


ELNET Poland works locally to strengthen Poland-Israel cooperation, and hosts delegations of key elected officials, dealing with foreign and security affairs to Israel and Poland.

EU &

ELNET EU & NATO organizes seminars, strategic dialogues, study visits and roundtables bringing together Israeli and EU political leaders around issues of critical importance to both.


Forum of Strategic Dialogue, part of ELNET network, along with Chatham House, organizes annual UK-Israel Strategic Dialogues bringing together policy makers and experts for a strategic discussion on shared challenges and opportunities.


ELNET France provides in-depth expertise and opportunities to French experts and decision-makers through publications, educational seminars and study visits to Israel in various specialized fields.


ELNET organizes study visits and delegations to Israel for a broad spectrum of Spanish decision-makers, officials and experts.


ELNET Israel provides broad opportunities for Israeli decision makers and opinion leaders to engage in a frank and open dialogue with their European counterparts, while locally supporting the work of the entire ELNET network.

ELNET was founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and strategic interests.

The Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD) is an informal platform that facilitates high-level strategic discussions between Europe and Israel, beyond the constraints of formal inter-governmental relations. As part of our network, the FSD encourages senior officials and leading experts to develop breakthrough ideas which enhance bilateral cooperation and key relationships. The FSD conducts annual Strategic Dialogues between Israel and the EU, Germany, France, the UK, and Poland, and led the first NATO-Israel Cooperation Event in 2014.