United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom (UK) is a leading economic and political power in Europe. British legacy in the Middle East and its economic and political strength make it a key player in the region. The UK is an important partner of Israel in the fields of security and diplomacy. Over the past decade, Israeli and British policymakers have increasingly recognized the value of cooperation on shared challenges. Consequently, political ties have grown stronger, despite shifts in transatlantic relations, Brexit negotiations, and differences over Iran and the Palestinian issue.

Israel’s growing ties with the UK center on high tech, science and innovation, healthcare, energy, defense, counter terrorism, cyber security and aviation. The UK has identified Israel as one of its top five trade priority countries and one of its top strategic partners in the region. The UK is Israel’s second largest export market globally; Israeli firms and technologies have developed a significant presence in the UK.

The UK-Israel Strategic Dialogues, organized jointly by the Forum of Strategic Dialogue, a member of the ELNET network, and London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), provide a unique platform for strategic discussions between British and Israeli policymakers and experts.

ELNET in the United Kingdom (UK)

ELNET Receives Warm Welcome in the UK

We are delighted that ELNET’s UK office, launched in summer 2021, already received a warm welcome from key figures involved in strengthening UK’s ties with Israel and its allies across the European continent.

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ELNET Expands to the UK

ELNET is pleased to announce the opening of a new UK office in London. Former MP and Government Minister Joan Ryan has been appointed as the Executive Director of ELNET UK.

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Paul Charney

Chairman, ELNET-UK
Paul Charney was born in South Africa and lived for many years in Israel, where he served for 5 years in the IDF as a Tank Platoon Officer. He studied Law at Leeds University UK and qualified as a lawyer in 2002. Paul Charney subsequently established and manages a UK strategic land and planning company based in London. He was elected as Chairman of the Zionist Federation UK and Ireland in 2012, and was appointed as Chairman of the Technion UK in 2020.

Joan Ryan

Executive Director, ELNET-UK
Following a successful career as a local councillor, Joan Ryan was elected as a UK Member of Parliament in 1997. In 2002 Joan Ryan was promoted to Government Whip followed by a further promotion to become the Home Office Minister responsible for Immigration and Police Improvement. In 2007 she was appointed as Special Representative to Cyprus by the Prime Minister and appointed to the Privy Council by Her Majesty the Queen. In 2015 Joan Ryan was appointed as Chair for the Labour Friends of Israel and in 2016 she was appointed by the Speaker to the House of Commons Speaker’s Panel, chairing public bills and parliamentary debates.

Judith Lobb

Research & Communications Manager,
Jude Lobb has a solid track record in politics and public affairs. She has a wealth of experience, having worked in the private and charity sectors for over 10 years in a diverse range of areas including health and corporate social responsibility. Jude has worked for a number of Government Ministers with portfolios including immigration and education. As a strong strategic communicator, Jude has consistently brought together parliamentarians, policy developers and other key opinion formers with the organisations she represented.