Exclusive Interview: MP Theo Francken’s Recommendations for West, Iran, and Gulf Geopolitics

NATO PA Report calls on NATO and the EU to proscribe IRGC and have a stronger stance against Iran

In a recent report titled “Shifting Geopolitics in Iran and the Gulf” MP Theo Francken, Rapporteur of the NATO PA Mediterranean and Middle East special group, has outlined key recommendations for Allied governments and societies to consider. The report emphasizes the importance of empowering democratic voices in Iran and supporting their aspirations, while also urging Iran to release unjustly detained foreign nationals immediately.

One of the significant points highlighted in the report is Iran’s military posture, nuclear ambitions, and its support for Russia’s war in Ukraine, which poses a real threat to the West, particularly Europe. To address these concerns, the report calls on the European Union (EU) and NATO to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for a new consensus and shared approach among Western allies to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

The report will next be debated in the NATO Parliament and presented to Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO.

MP Francken, currently in Israel hosted by ELNET and the Israeli MFA as part of the Young MPs delegation, has shared his insights and findings from the report with ELNET-Israel’s Communications Manager Daniel Shadmy.

Watch here the exclusive interview: