France-Israel Cooperation in the Field of Innovation

ELNET, together with TAL Business School organised a conference devoted to the topic of innovation and economic cooperation between Israel and France, entitled “High-tech, innovation, start-ups and entrepreneurship, economic diplomacy in the heart of the France-Israel relationship”

In Israel, the success of the innovation economy is often associated with a particularly efficient ecosystem that is based on the presence of leading R&D institutions, a remarkable entrepreneurial dynamism, effective support structures for the creation of numerous startups and effective (accelerators, incubators, shared work space etc.), and a significant availability of funding. Israeli market, which is very open internationally, presents many opportunities for French economic players for technological partnerships and cross-investments, and creates opportunities for strategic cooperation between the two countries.

Former French Prime Minister and current Member of Parliament Manuel Valls took part in the event sharing his perspective on the cooperation the field of innovation.