As Germany Adopts National Strategy Against Antisemitism, ELNET Announces International Antisemitism Summit in March 2023

Over the last few years, antisemitic incidents have increased enormously in Germany, as in many other countries. With a nationwide strategy, the German government now wants to promote Jewish life in Germany and combat hatred of Jews more strongly.

The new strategy was adopted by the German Federal Government on November 30, 2022. It aims to make Jewish life more visible in German society and to fight antisemitism consistently.

The strategic paper presented by the German Federal Ministry states that antisemitism is a threat to the democratic system. Therefore, all members of society share responsibility to stand up against it. The strategy outlines five areas of action:

  1. Data collection and Research – Intended to increase knowledge about antisemitism to better understand its occurrences and different dimensions.
  2. Education as prevention of antisemitism – Will aim to impart knowledge about Judaism and Israel to share the perspectives of those affected.
  3. Culture of Remembrance and Historical Awareness – Meant to ensure that the memory of the crimes committed by the National Socialists continue to be kept alive. In addition, the aim is to integrate historical awareness into the training of as many professional fields as possible.
  4. Repressive Antisemitism and Security – will require a stronger response to antisemitic crimes and the defense against potential threats.
  5. Jewish Present and History – will include strategies to better support Jewish institutions and initiatives as well as putting recent Jewish history and the present more on school’s teaching agendas.

Antisemitism poisons our open and tolerant society and contradicts our basic understanding of democracy and human rights. The German national strategy paper is an essential step in fighting all forms of antisemitism, promoting Jewish life in Germany, and strengthening German Israeli relations.

ELNET will support the German government in its implementation to the best of its abilities. Antisemitism can only be combated with united efforts.

ELNET-Germany therefore has extended its work in the field of Antisemitism. In addition to “Words Matter”, an initiative founded to develop strategies for fighting antisemitism online and the “ELNET Awards”, which honored societal initiatives against antisemitism, ELNET-Germany will host an International Antisemitism Summit in March 2023 and launch a large scale nationwide campaign against antisemitism in spring 2023.

Furthermore, there will be a touring exhibition called “Arts Matter”, in Germany and Israel which aims to fight antisemitic stereotypes and BDS in Arts about Jews and Israel.