Cultivating Innovation: German and French Delegation Explores Israel’s Safe and Smart City Solutions

An esteemed delegation from Germany and France visted Israel from February 25th to 29th. This high level delegation, comprising leading members of Parliament embarked on a strategic mission to delve into the innovative landscape of Israeli safe and smart city technologies.

Led by distinguished representatives such as MP Sandra Weeser, MP Christopher Weissberg, and other notable figures, the delegation started their immersive journey by engaging in high-level discussions with key Israeli defense officials, including Brig. Gen. Yoram Laredo, Head of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), and Kobi Wimisberg, Director of Strategic Cooperation and Assistance Division at NEMA. This session provided invaluable insights into crisis management and civil population interaction and resilience in times of crisis and during times of war.

Furthermore, they had the unique opportunity to explore innovative solutions at AHK (German-Israel Chamber of Commerce), where they were introduced to cutting-edge Safe and Smart City startups. This included dynamic presentations by DirecTrain Systems on their revolutionary rail technology and Kav Medida showcasing advanced mapping and surveying solutions.

The delegation will also interact with industry experts and thought leaders, including Ari Strasberg, VP of Strategy and Chief of Staff at Start-Up Nation Central. These discussions offered delegates a unique insight into Israel’s vibrant startup ecosystem and its role in shaping the future of safe and smart cities.

In addition, the delegation visited Kfar Aza, one of the kibbutzim affected by the events of October 7th  where they received a detailed briefing on the day’s events and witnessed the impact firsthand. This visit will serve as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by communities near the Gaza border.

Overall, the visit was an enlightening and productive experience, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between German, French, and Israeli counterparts in the realm of safe and smart city initiatives.

This strategic exchange embodies ELNET’s unwavering dedication to strengthening partnerships and fostering collaboration between European nations and Israel in diverse fields. This initiative stands as a testament to the enduring bonds and common goals that unite these nations in pursuit of a safer and smarter future.