ELNET-Germany Launches a Nation-Wide Campaign in Germany Against Antisemitism

ELNET-Germany has launched a nation-wide campaign in Germany against antisemitism.

In recent years Germany has experienced a constant rise in antisemitic crimes. While in 2015, the number of reported incidents was at 1,366, it rose to 2,641 in 2022. The necessity to take actions has been recognized by the German Government, which has introduced a national strategy against antisemitism in November 2022. However, further initiatives are needed to effectively prevent hate against Jews.

Therefore, ELNET-Germany has launched a campaign to counter antisemitism in Germany. The campaign is called “Question Wall” (in German: “Fragemauer”), referring to the Western Wall in Israel. Through questions and answers, the campaign seeks to humorously educate about Jewish life in Germany and about Israel. In doing so, the campaign wants to reduce prejudices, impart knowledge about Jewish life, and create space for an open dialogue in German society.

The campaign is supported by Dr. Felix Klein, Federal Government Commissioner for the Fight against Antisemitism and Jewish life in Germany, as well as a large number of other partners. ELNET introduced the campaign on the 21st of June in a press conference with representatives from media, politics, business, and society.

Carsten Ovens, CEO of ELNET-Germany: “Unfortunately, discrimination and hate against Jews come to light more frequently in Germany. In 2022, 2,641 antisemitic incidents were reported. The number of unreported assaults is estimated to be much higher. Thereby, Israel-related antisemitism has developed into the most vicious form of hate against Jews. With its campaign, ELNET aims to share knowledge about Jewish life and the Jewish state of Israel. By asking questions and providing answers we aim to humorously counter prejudices, provoke curiosity and strengthen the stance against every form of antisemitism.”

Dr. Felix Klein, Federal Government Commissioner for the Fight against Antisemitism and Jewish life in Germany: “The project fulfills two important purposes: On the one hand, it raises awareness for Jewish life and the fight against antisemitism. The campaign therefore contributes to the aim of making Jewish life more visible and a natural part of German society. On the other hand, it offers a concrete opportunity to engage with Jewish topics of all kinds. Because 2,641 questions and answers are 2,641 cases that create curiosity about Jewish life and in which encounters with Jewish realities become possible.”