Historic Arrow 3 Deal Between Germany and Israel is Approved

Today the U.S. approved the Arrow 3 defense deal between Israel and Germany. This is the largest defense deal in Israel’s history, amounting to $3.5 billion USD.

The Arrow 3 system for aerial defense will ensure the safety of millions of European civilians. Designed to intercept incoming exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles using exceptional long-range technologies and operating above the atmosphere, the Israeli system stands as the top of its kind.

ELNET’s recently published Israel Survey found that 77% of European members of parliament are in favor of greater cooperation with Israel, including on defense. An additional ELNET survey focused on Germany revealed that nearly 2/3 of Germans are in favor of buying the Arrow 3 from Israel, while 44% believe Berlin should seek closer defense ties with Israel and 43% support closer cooperation between #NATO Israel. Read more about the surveys in this article published by JNS.

Last year ELNET brought a delegation of members of parliament from the German Bundestag Defense Committee for an exclusive visit to view an Arrow 3 battery. Upon returning to Germany, the committee members granted the necessary parliamentary approval in favor of the deal. 

ELNET applauds this landmark achievement advancing the Israel-Germany relations and the Israel-Europe defense cooperation at large.