ELNET International Policy Conference 2019

“Facing security challenges: European and Israeli perspectives”

Join us on November 9-11 in Paris

ELNET’s Second International Policy Conference is a unique opportunity to engage with key opinion leaders and policymakers on the critical issues facing Israel, Europe and the global Jewish community. As the conference nears, we are delighted to announce some of the topics and leading figures who will join us for this unique event on November 9-11 in Paris.


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MEP Karoline Edtstadler, E.U.

Chair of the Antisemitism Working Group, European Parliament
Karoline Edstradler was elected MEP in the recent EU elections in May 2019, where she now is Member of the Committee for Civil liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, the Committee for Legal Affairs and the Delegation for relations with South Africa. Edtstadler is Head of the Austrian EPP delegation, Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Korean Peninsula, Vice Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights and designated Chair of the European Parliaments Working Group on Antisemitism. . Between 2017-2019 she served as State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior under the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

MP Stephan Mayer, GERMANY

Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community
MP Stephan Mayer has served as Member of the German Bundestag since 2002. In 2013, he was appointed Spokesman for Home Affairs of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. Since 2018, he has served as the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior in charge of federal police, public service, migration, refugees, crisis management, and EU Coordination.

Justice Miriam Naor, ISRAEL

Former President of the Supreme Court of Israel
From 2015 until 2017, Justice Miriam Naor served as the President of the Supreme Court. In 2003 she was appointed as a permanent Justice of The Supreme Court of Israel and in 2012 was appointed Deputy President of the Supreme Court. She completed law studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and until 1979 worked for the State Attorney Office of Israel. Sworn in as a judge in the Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court in 1980, she was at the time the youngest judge in Israel. Justice Naor is the President of the Zionist Supreme Court of the World Zionist Organization and a Board Member of the Jewish People Policy Institute.

Hillel Neuer, ISRAEL

Director, UN Watch
Lawyer, writer and activist, Hillel Neuer is the director of UN Watch, an organization that fights dictatorships and double standards at the United Nations. Israel's Ma’ariv newspaper named him one of the top 100 most influential Jewish people in the world. The Tribune de Genève described Neuer as a human rights activist who is “feared and dreaded” by the world’s worst regimes.

MP Averof Neofytou, CYPRUS

President of the Democratic Rally Party, Cypriot House of Representatives
Averof Neofytou is the President of the Democratic Rally, the governing party of Cyprus since 2013. A member of the House of Representatives since 1996, he previously served as Minister of Communications and Works and Chairman of the House Standing Committees on Foreign and European Affairs, as well as Financial and Budgetary Affairs.

Zohar Palti, ISRAEL

Director, Policy and Political-Military Affairs, Ministry of Defense of Israel
Zohar Palti is Director of the Policy and Political-Military Bureau in Israel's Ministry of Defense (MoD). Mr. Palti has had a long and distinguished career in Israel's intelligence community, having held senior positions in the Israel Defense Forces (1982-2006), Mossad (2006-2016) and MoD (since 2017) and having dealt with key strategic issues in the Middle East, including counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation, from both a regional and global perspective. Before his appointment in the MoD, he served as Director of Intelligence of the Mossad, after a tenure as Counter-Terrorism Chief of the Mossad.

Ambassador Dennis Ross, U.S.

Counselor, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
For more than twelve years, Ambassador Dennis Ross played a leading role in shaping U.S. involvement in the Middle East peace process, dealing directly with the parties as the U.S. point man on the peace process in both the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations. He later served two years as special assistant to President Obama and National Security Council senior director for the Central Region, and a year as special advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

MP Christian Schmidt, GERMANY

Member of the German Bundestag, former Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture
MP Christian Schmidt has been a Member of the German Bundestag since 1990. Currently in his eighth term, he is a Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Mr. Schmidt served as Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture and as acting Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. He was appointed Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, after having served as Parliamentary State Secretary to the Minister of Defence.


Prof. Uzi Arad, ISRAEL

Former National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister and Head of National Security Council
Prof. Uzi Arad is Senior Fellow at the Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at Tel Aviv University and chairs the Technion's Grand Strategy Forum. He was a Visiting Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution. Before that, he had served for 30 years with Israel's government. He was national security advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and head of Israel’s National Security Council. During Netanyahu’s first term as Prime Minister, Prof. Arad was his foreign policy advisor. Prior to that, he served with Mossad, holding senior positions in Israel and abroad, the last of which was the director of the Intelligence Division.

Ron Brummer, ISRAEL

Executive Director of Operations, Israel’s Ministry for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy
Ron Brummer is the Executive Director of Operations at Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs. In his role, he serves as the ministry's point of contact with dozens of pro-Israeli organizations worldwide, creating partnerships aimed at combating the de-legitimization of the State of Israel. Previously, Mr. Brummer served in the Israeli Foreign Service as Deputy Ambassador in Chile and Deputy Consul General to southeastern U.S. He has a master's degree in Diplomacy.

Vincent Chebat, FRANCE

Researcher, Francophone Regions and Spain, NGO Monitor
Vincent Chebat made Aliya to Israel from France in 2005. He received his MA from Bar Ilan University and his BA from IDC Herzliya. Before joining NGO Monitor, Mr. Chebat served for five years in the IDF as an economist, including three years in the Intelligence Corp Research Division.

Henrique Cymerman, ISRAEL

Henrique Cymerman is a world-famous journalist for the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Israel. A lecturer who speaks five languages, covered current affairs in the Middle East for 30 years, and has established relationships of trust with chief regional political leaders in Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, and the extended Arab world. He was nominated "Comendador" in his native Portugal and Spain by the King and President, a nobility title, and Pope Francis nominated him his "Angel of Peace" and candidate to Nobel Peace Prize for the "Prayer for Peace" in the Vatican.

Dr. François Delerue, FRANCE

Research Fellow, Recherche Stratégique de l’École Militaire (IRSEM)
Dr. François Delerue is a research fellow in cyberdefense and international law at the Insitut de Recherche Stratégique de l’École Militaire and a rapporteur for international law in the EU Cyber Direct project. He is also an associate researcher with the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy. François’ research concerns cyberdefense and cybersecurity, specifically their legal, policy and strategic dimensions. His research focuses on international law obligations, norms and international cooperation, as well as on the various actors involved in this area, including States, private companies, non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Joseph Draznin, ISRAEL

Director General, Ministry of Regional Cooperation of Israel
In his capacity as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry for Regional Cooperation, Dr. Joseph Draznin oversees the Ministry's efforts to increase regional economic cooperation between Israel and its neighbors, with a focus on Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority, in partnership with the international community. Previously, he was a senior advisor to Minister Tzachi Hanegbi and served as Assistant Deputy Director General for Foreign Affairs and Arms Control at the Ministry of Defense. He has served at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C., and taught at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Tzahi Gavrieli, ISRAEL

Director-General, Israel’s Ministry for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy
Before Adv. Tzahi Gavrieli’s current role as Director-General at Israel’s Ministry for Strategic Affairs, he served as Advisor to the current Israeli Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. During his tenure at the Prime Minister’s Office, he served as Advisor to the Cabinet Secretary and Head of the National Management Center during the Second Lebanon War. He was a founding member of the MASA Project – Israel’s flagship program for voluntary and educational experiences – and took a major part in the founding of the Israeli National Information Directorate.

Dr. Sandro Gaycken, GERMANY

Founder and Director of the Digital Society Institute, European School of Management and Technology Berlin
Dr. Sandro Gaycken is the founder and director of the Digital Society Institute at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin. He has published numerous scientific monographs and publications on cybersecurity. As an advisor to the German government, he developed the German foreign cyber policy strategy, testified numerous times in German parliament, and conducted many parliamentary dialogues. He serves as an expert witness in NATO military cyber counterintelligence cases and as director in NATO’s SPS program, which develops national cyberdefense strategies in the Middle East.

MP Claude Gosguen, FRANCE

Member of the French Parliament of Paris, former Minister of State Reforms, Decentralisation and Citizenship
MP of Paris for the conservative party Les Républicains since 1993. He sits in the Foreign Affairs Committee, is the vice-president of the parliamentarian friendship group with Israel and co-chair of the study group about anti-Semitism. In 1995 served as the Minister of State Reforms, Decentralisation and Citizenship. He is co-reporter of a mission on the role of France in the Middle East in the National Assembly and a recipient of the Legion of Honour.

Benjamin Haddad, FRANCE

Director, Future Europe Initiative, Atlantic Council
Benjamin Haddad is an expert in European politics and transatlantic relations. Before moving to the Atlantic Council, he was a fellow at Hudson Institute in Washington DC. His work has notably advocated for transatlantic unity in the face of Russian aggression, greater European responsibility, and investment on strategic matters. His recent book “Paradise Lost: Europe in the World of Trump” makes the case for greater European unity in a world of new challenges and threats. In 2017, Mr. Haddad was the Washington DC representative of Emmanuel Macron’s movement En Marche.

Amos Harel, ISRAEL

Senior Defense Correspondent, Haaretz
Amos Harel is one of Israel's leading media experts on military and defense issues and the senior defense correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Mr. Harel has covered Israeli security affairs for the last twenty years. He published three books: "The Seventh War" (2004) about the second Intifada and "34 Days" about Israel's second Lebanon War (2009). Both books were written with Avi Issacharoff, and both received the prestigious Chechic award. In 2015, he won the Sokolov award, Israel's most prestigious prize for excellence in journalism.

Dr. Marc Hecker, FRANCE

Director of Publications, French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)
Marc Hecker is Director of publications at the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) and editor-in-chief of Politique étrangère. He holds a PhD in political science from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and teaches a course on terrorism at Sciences Po. He published several books including "Intifada française?" (Ellipses, 2012) and "War 2.0: Irregular Warfare in the Information Age" (Praeger, 2009 with Thomas Rid).

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Michael Herzog, ISRAEL

Director, Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD)
Brig. Gen. (ret.) Michael Herzog is the Director of the Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD), an International Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and a Senior Fellow at BICOM and the Jewish People Policy Institute. He retired from active duty in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), after a long and distinguished career. His service included heading the Strategic Planning Division of the IDF and working with four ministers of defense as a senior military aide and chief of staff. Brig. Gen. (ret.) Herzog has actively participated in nearly all of Israel’s peace negotiations with the Palestinian, Syrians, and Jordanians, including in the last round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Karin von Hippel, U.K.

Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
Karin von Hippel joined RUSI after serving for nearly six years in the US Department of State as a Senior Adviser in the Bureau of Counterterrorism, then as a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, and finally, as Chief of Staff to General John Allen, Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter-ISIL. Prior to that, she co-directed the Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC and was a senior research fellow at the Centre for Defence Studies, King’s College London.

MP Ronja Kemmer, GERMANY

Member of the German Bundestag, Member of the Committee on the Digital Agenda
Ronja Kemmer has been a Member of the German Bundestag since 2014. She serves as Member of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment as well as the Committee on the Digital Agenda, and as Substitute Member of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy. Mrs. Kemmer is Spokesperson of the CDU/CSU in the Study Commission Artificial Intelligence – Social Responsibility and Economic, Social and Ecological Potential. She studied economic sciences in Germany, Sweden, and Italy.

Dr. Agnieszka Konkel, POLAND

Policy expert
Agnieszka Konkel worked for the European Parliament, where she was co-responsible for the negotiations related to cyber security and other issues related to the Digital Single Market. Beforehand, she coordinated preparations to the Polish Presidency of the Council of the EU and subsequently, at the Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU, was in charge of information society issues. She worked Global Libraries Programme at the Foundation for Information Society Development. Recently, she held a position of a counsellor to the minister at the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yosef Kuperwasser, ISRAEL

Senior Project Manager, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA)
Brig. General (res.) Yosef Kuperwasser is a senior project manager on regional affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) and the head of the Institute for the Research of Intelligence Methodology at the Israeli Intelligence Community Commemoration and Heritage Center. He is also one of the founders and directors of leading Israeli nonprofit organizations countering the de-legitimization of Israel internationally. Brig. Gen. Kuperwasser was formerly the Director General of the Ministry of International Affairs and Strategy. In his long career at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), he served, among others, as Assistant Defense Attaché for Intelligence at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Amb. Zvi Magen, ISRAEL

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
Ambassador Zvi Magen joined the INSS research staff following a long career in Israel's Foreign Service. From 1993-1997 he served as Israel's ambassador to the Ukraine, and in 1998-1999 he served as Israel's ambassador to Russia. In the years 1999-2006, he served as head of the "Nativ" organization (the Prime Minister's Office liaison group for the FSU and Jewish diaspora affairs), and in 2006-2009 he was head of the Institute for Eurasian Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Ambassador Magen served in the IDF Military Intelligence, completing his service with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Dr. Roby Nathanson, ISRAEL

General Director, Macro Center for Political Economics
Dr. Roby Nathanson is currently the General Director of the Macro Center for Political Economics. Dr. Nathanson teaches at the Academic Colleague Tel Aviv and is a member of the board of directors of various companies and economic advisor to decision-makers in Israel and abroad. He served as a macro-economic policy advisor to the Histadrut during Israel's Economic Stabilization Program in the 1980's and participated in the formulation of programs aimed at socio-economic structural reform, as well as negotiations and in strategic planning teams on the future of the economy. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Cologne.

MP Natalia Pouzyreff, FRANCE

Member of the Defense Committee, French National Assembly
MP Natalia Pouzyreff was elected as a Member of Parliament in the French National Assembly for the political party “La République En Marche” (LaREM) in 2017 and was appointed a member of the Defense Committee. She is also deeply involved in the industrial strategy, and civil nuclear sector. Trained as a professional engineer, followed by many years working in the defence and aerospace sector, Natalia was employed by Thales and Airbus Group, and as the general representative for Eurocopter in China between 2006-2009.

Pierre Rehov, FRANCE

Filmmaker, journalist and novelist
Pierre Rehov is the pseudonym of a French–Israeli documentary filmmaker, director and novelist, most known for his movies about the Arab–Israeli conflict and Israeli–Palestinian conflict, its treatment in the media, and about terrorism. Born in Algeria in 1952, he moved to France in 1961. Since the uprising of the second Intifada, he has been working as an independent producer and director.In 2008, he was the only French journalist embedded in Iraq in the US army. In 18 years, he has produced and directed 14 documentaries about the Middle East conflict.

MP Ofer Shelah, ISRAEL

Knesset Member, former member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
MP Ofer Shelah is a member of the Knesset in the Blue and White party. His political career began in 2013, when he became the head of the Yesh Atid faction and was a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense and the Finance committees. Before that he worked as a journalist since 1988 at both "Maariv" and "Yediot Ahronot" newspapers and in Ynet. He also worked as a commentator for the Israeli Sport Channel and co-hosted news and investigative shows. He wrote columns and articles on security, political and state military relations for twenty years and has published eight books. He served in the Paratrooper Corps of the IDF.

Dr. Jean-Loup Samaan, FRANCE

Associate Professor, Near East South Asia Cente (NESA)
Dr. Jean-Loup Samaan's research focuses on Middle Eastern strategic affairs, in particular Israel-Hezbollah conflict, and the evolution of the Gulf security system. Prior to his position in the UAE, he was a researcher for the Middle East Faculty at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defense College in Rome. Previously, he was a policy advisor at the French Ministry of Defense, and a visiting scholar at Duke University, as well as a researcher at the RAND Corporation in Washington, DC.

James Sorene, U.K.

CEO, Britain-Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM)
James Sorene is the CEO of the Britain-Israel communications and research centre (BICOM), a UK think tank producing research about Israel and Middle East issues. Before joining BICOM, he was Deputy Director of UK Government communications and Official Spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg from 2011-15. Before that, he held senior positions at the Department of Health and the Home Office, where he worked on counterterrorism. Mr. Sorene has a Master’s degree in Middle East politics and history from the School of Oriental and African Studies and a law degree from Queen Mary College, University of London.

Dr. Jonathan Spyer, ISRAEL

Executive Director, Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis (MECRA)
Dr. Jonathan Spyer is the Executive Director of the Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis (MECRA). He is also a research fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS), and a fellow at the Middle East Forum. Dr. Spyer is a freelance security analyst for Janes' Intelligence Review and writes the 'Behind the Lines' column at the Jerusalem Post. He is the author of "Days of the Fall: A Reporter’s Journey in the Syria and Iraq Wars," which deals with his experiences of frontline reporting in the Syria and Iraq wars, and "The Transforming Fire: The Rise of the Israel-Islamist Conflict."

Dr. Élie Tenenbaum, FRANCE

Research Fellow, Security Studies Center, French Institute of Foreign Relations (IFRI)
Dr. Élie Tenenbaum is a Research Fellow at Ifri's Security Studies Center where he coordinates the Defense Research Unit. He holds a PhD in History and a MA in International Relations, both from Sciences Po, and has been a visiting fellow at Columbia University. He has taught international security at Sciences Po and international contemporary history at the Université de Lorraine. His research focuses on guerrilla and irregular warfare as well as on French defense policy and military operations.


Director of Political Affairs, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
Han Ten Broeke is the current Director of Political Affairs at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. Previously, he served a fourth term as a member of the Dutch House of Representatives for the leading conservative liberal VVD political party and held post as the senior member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and acted as Chair of the Armed Services Committee. Furthermore, he led the Dutch delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Prior to which, he was the VVD’s ranking member on Defence and EU affairs.
Bruno Tertrais

Dr. Bruno Tertrais, FRANCE

Deputy Director, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS)
Dr. Bruno Tertrais is Deputy Director of the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS), the main French think-tank on international security issues. His areas of expertise include geopolitics and international relations, strategic and military affairs, nuclear deterrence and non-proliferation, US policy and transatlantic relations, security in the Middle East and in Asia. He was previously a Special Assistant to the Director of Strategic Affairs at the Ministry of Defense, and a Director of the Civilian Affairs Committee at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

MEP Witold Waszczykowski, E.U.

Vice Chair of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, European Parliament, former Polish Foreign Minister
Before becoming Vice Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament in 2019, MEP Witold Waszczykowski served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland between 2015 and 2018, and member of the Polish parliament between 2011 and 2019. Prior to that, he was Deputy Head of the National Security Bureau and served as Poland's Ambassador to Iran.

Dr. Moran Yarchi, ISRAEL

Head of the Public Diplomacy program, Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Dr. Moran Yarchi is a Senior Lecturer at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications, the Head of the Public Diplomacy program, and a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Israel. Her main area of research is political communication, especially the media’s coverage of conflicts and terror, and public diplomacy. Integrating theories from communication studies, political science, and international relations, Dr. Yarchi's studies are dealing with the Image War – a salient aspect of today’s conflicts.

Amb. François Zimeray, FRANCE

Lawyer; former French Ambassador-at-large for Human Rights
Ambassador François Zimeray has specialised in both international commercial and human rights law. Practising before national and international courts, including the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights, he has worked on a range of complex legal challenges, such as the Khmer Rouge genocide and child soldiers in DRC. As a Member of the European Parliament, Francois Zimeray was active in the Legal Affairs committee. Zimeray served also as the French Ambassador-at-large for Human Rights, and Ambassador to Denmark.