Newsweek: ‘My Country Is On Fire:’ The Internal Strife Tearing Israel Apart

Newsweek published an article by Paul Rhodes following his participation on ELNET’s UK Journalists delegation. 

In the piece he reflects on his experience and impressions from the trip. 

He writes: “I’m a London-based journalist and went to Israel as part of a group organized by ELNET, the European Leadership Network, a pro-Israel nongovernmental organization, founded 15 years ago, in the words of its website, to strengthen relations between Europe and Israel “based on shared democratic values and strategic interests.” They promised me a warts-and-all trip to different parts of the country and the chance to meet a wide range of people, including politicians, soldiers, academics, policy experts and local journalists. Newsweek paid my expenses. The following are some snapshots from my visit.”

Read the full article below: