Pittsburgh Attack Message

The ELNET family is deeply saddened over the tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This tragedy is the worst of its kind that has happened to Jews in the United States and the first that has ever occurred at a synagogue where Jews were congregating. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed, the injured, the first responders, and our Jewish community at large.

Unfortunately, such attacks have been growing more common across the world, particularly in Europe, accompanied by a shameful and terrifying rise in anti-Semitism. Part of what fuels the world’s oldest and longest lasting racism, in this day and age, is its newest iteration in the form of anti-Israel activities, and attempts to discredit and destroy the Jewish state. Movements such as BDS, and overall anti-Israel sentiment, are the re-branded and collective anti-Semitism that has gained a worrisome foothold, particularly in Europe.

ELNET’s mission is to educate top policy makers to ensure that European leaders are serious about recognizing the dangers of such anti-Semitic activities. We also aim to empower citizens, who have been dealing with rising anti-Semitism for decades, by teaching them how to effectively advocate for a stronger Europe and Israel, and a safer space for Jews in their respective communities.

We are grateful to our supporters for their commitment to Jewish continuity, their values and for their humanitarian beliefs. ELNET will continue to work on the diplomatic front, as well as to educate on how to be effective grassroots leaders. We encourage you to learn more about our work and to get involved with our ever-important mission.

May we find comfort in our shared passion for peace, tolerance and understanding.