16 More European Parliamentarians Come to Israel on ELNET Solidarity Mission

Marking exactly 30 days since Hamas perpetrated the most gruesome and horrific attack, ELNET brings its fourth solidarity mission of European policymakers and opinion leaders to Israel. 

This week 16 members of European parliaments and the European Parliament from eight different countries arrived in Israel to see the truth of crimes against humanity committed by Hamas against Israel. The participants came from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom.         

During their visit they met with the families of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, including Rimon Kirsht Buchshtav (36), Yagev Buchshtav (34), Mia Schem (21), Channah Katzir (76), Elad Katzir (47), and Omer Shem Tov (21).

They then visited Shura Base where mutilated body parts of murdered men, women, and children are held, so badly burnt or abused they still cannot be identified.

While walking through the desecrated Kibbutz of Kfar Aza, many of the parliamentarians expressed shock by the glaring disparity unmistakably evident:  This was the home to many peace-loving Israelis and an agricultural oasis where drip-irrigation was advanced, the Israeli technology that today is a key factor in ensuring global food security. A symbol of tolerance and development. Today, it is a symbol of the most barbaric atrocities imaginable.
In the city of Sderot the delegation was briefed by Micky Rosenfeld, Superintendent from the Israel Police International Cooperation Unit. They saw the home of an Israeli family whose house was directly hit by a rocket fired from Gaza, tearing the house apart. 
The delegation joined a special private solidarity event together with the European ambassadors to Israel from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom, and heard from the UK Ambassador to Israel Simon Walters and former MK Professor Yossi Shain.

The delegation had meetings and briefings at the Ministry of Defense headquarters and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Deputy Director General for Strategic Affairs Josh Zarka and Deputy Director General for Europe Daniel Meron. They also had meetings at the Knesset where Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana thanked the delegation for coming by saying: 

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand with us. I read about the reactions received by courageous leaders who express their support for Israel’s right to defend itself. But in the future, when you look back, you will be proud to have stood on the right side of history.”

The delegation also visited wounded civilians and soldiers and heard their stories of survival, as well as met with Director of Ichilov Hospital Ronni Gamzu. The delegates had an intimate meeting with founder of Mellanox Eyal Waldman whose daughter Danielle and her boyfriend were both murdered at the music festival.

ELNET extends its gratitude to the 16 parliamentarians who chose to witness these evils and share the truth back home.

Read more about their meetings at the Knesset here: