ELNET Launches Campaign to Bring Hamas Terrorists to Justice

In a world-changing event on October 7th, 2023, Israel experienced horrific acts against its innocent civilians not seen since the Second World War. ELNET, a non-profit bipartisan organization dedicated to fostering strong and enduring relations between Europe and Israel is taking bold action. ELNET-Israel Board member Dr. Sarah Fainberg today announces ELNET’s campaign to bring the Hamas terrorist entity to justice.

Backed by legal experts and compelling evidence, this initiative aims to expose potential “crimes against humanity.” ELNET is unwavering in its commitment to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and to reveal the truth about these heinous crimes.

With this statement, ELNET calls for any party to make an active contribution in this endeavor. It has already started reaching out to its partners, private and public, to consolidate the essence of what will become, we hope, an international task force.

On October 17th, numerous figures in France took part in signing an op-ed published in “Le Monde” journal (English translation here). All of them agreed with the urge to define these crimes of unprecedented magnitude as “crimes against humanity” and called for the many to join this crucial mission.