WSJ: Bernard-Henri Lévy op-ed after solidarity trip to Israel organized by ELNET

Bernard-Henri Lévy was the first European opinion leader to travel to Israel on a solidarity trip in the immediate wake of the Hamas attack. ELNET facilitated the trip.

Arriving within the first 48 hours, ELNET arranged for his meetings and briefings, including with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Though the IDF was still in the midst of fighting off Hamas terrorists that had infiltrated into Israeli residential communities, ELNET managed to receive military clearance not yet provided to any other non-military personnel, and was able to safely escort Levy to the south. He witnessed the carnage in the streets of Sderot as the decimated police station continued to smolder with smoke, and entered Kfar Aza, hiding for safety as soldiers cleared the booby-trapped body of terrorists. In the residential Kibbutz, he accompanied the ZAKA search and rescue teams whose job it is to remove the bodies of the countless men, women, and children brutally slaughtered by Hamas before the world even learned of the horrific atrocities committed there

Upon his return home, he penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. 

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