ELNET Launches Women Only Delegation

In an unprecedented initiative in the fight against gender-based violence, the first women’s-only delegation is taking place from May 19th to May 23rd 2024. Organized by ELNET, this historic delegation comprises esteemed representatives from 12 European nations, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Led by influential figures in diplomacy, security and women’s empowerment, this mission is dedicated to confronting gender-based violence with resolve. Through a series of engagements, ELNET seeks to raise awareness, stimulate dialogue and advocate for concrete actions against this global issue. Amongst our notable attendees and speakers are Elise Fajgeles, Secretary General of the French Governmental Agency Dealing with Racism, Antisemitism, and Hatred Against LGBTQ+; Rawan Osman, Syrian-Lebanese/German activist and founder of ArabsAsk; Elaaheh Jamali, Iranian-British human rights and social justice advocate; Nastya Popandopulo, Ukrainian Podcaster and Sigita Struberga, Secretary General for Security of Latvia and Latvian Transatlantic Organization.

During their mission, the delegates will have the honor of meeting with key Israeli officials, including the First Lady of Israel, Ms. Michal Herzog, and Brig. Gen. Naama Rosen-Grimberg, the First Female Military Secretary to the President’s office. Additionally, they will participate in the Global Women’s Coalition Against Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War Conference at the Knesset, co-hosted by MK Shelly Tal Meron and ELNET. With a diverse lineup of speakers and testimonies and a fashion show, the gathering promises to shed light on the harrowing realities faced by countless individuals affected by this form of violence as well as to share strategies and best practices on how to combat this critical issue. A Gala Dinner at the Museum of Tolerance, hosted by representatives of Forum Dvorah, will follow the conference.

The delegates will also receive invaluable security briefings from experts like Ambassador Michal Philosoph, Head of the Human Rights and International Organizations Department at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Micky Rosenfeld, Superintendent from the Israel Police International Cooperation Unit. Moreover, the mission includes a visit to the South and a meeting with representatives of Israeli civilians whose family members are still in Hamas captivity. From border crossings to expert discussions, this historic delegation will gain first-hand insights into the challenges and opportunities for combating the issue of gender-based sexual violence.

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