European Union

Towards A New Middle Eastern Disorder

This year, the ELNET Brussels office invited the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence, Chagai Tzuriel, and its Spokesperson, Arye Shalicar to speak at the ELNET roundtable on the topic ‘Towards a new Middle Eastern Disorder.’

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A Shifting Strategic Balance in the Middle East

FSD, ELNET EU & NATO and the EPC held the ‘Second EU-Israel Strategic Roundtable’, with the aim to promote a high-level debate between European, Israeli and Arab officials, practitioners and specialists on the issue of ‘A Shifting Strategic Balance in the Middle East: What Room for New Regional Strategic Cooperation?’.

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New Dynamics in the Middle East

The ELNET dinner roundtable touched on the ‘New Dynamics in the Middle East’ and hosted guests ranging from EU officials, Belgian government officials, think tankers, journalists and the Young Transatlantic Network.

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