European Parliament prevents EU funding from reaching terrorists

The European Parliament reaffirmed its commitment to prevent EU taxpayer money from reaching individuals or entities linked to terrorism or radicalization.

The text of the budget report repeats last year’s restrictions, creating a strong precedent, while adding key provisions, including an immediate freeze on misused EU funds and tighter oversight. These stipulations increase pressure on the European Parliament to counter any irregularities.

The vote by the Parliament, which coincided with Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, underscores its determination to keep this issue in the forefront of their political objectives.

In recent years, ELNET has worked to educate European decision-makers about the importance of ensuring that no European funds reach the hands of terrorists. This includes funds intended for the Palestinian Authority, which could be diverted to support terrorism. 

David Lega, a Swedish Member of the European Parliament and one of the leading voices on terror finance, recently visited Israel with ELNET. During his visit, he was extensively briefed on this issue by counterterrorism experts.

Following the vote Lega stated,We have taken another step to ensure European money will not end up in the hands of terrorists. I’m happy and proud for today’s vote, especially since I know how important it is for the people in Israel. We, as politicians, have the responsibility to support the ones in need, but we may never accept that our taxpayers’ money is misused to compromise the security of others.

Matti Schussler, Executive Director of ELNET-EU & NATO in Brussels, applauded the decision, saying: “Especially on this day of Yom HaZikaron, it is a heartwarming and important message from the European Parliament that there is no place for any support for any cause or form of terrorism and/or religious and political radicalization. This resolution is a strong commitment to Israel’s security and puts the topic of irregularities with regard to financing terrorism at the top of the political agenda.” ELNET will continue to work closely with European decision-makers to urge for robust enforcement of last week’s decision, to ensure that no EU funds reach the hands of terrorists.