ELNET Hosted 45 Luxembourg Business Executives

On May 12th ELNET hosted 45 Luxembourg business leaders from the Luxembourg Federation of Young Business Leaders for a special briefing by the IDF’s International Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Amnon Shefler.

This was the first time visiting Israel for most of the delegation. The participants were all C-level executives, leading companies employing anywhere from 10-2,500 employees. The aim of the trip was to deepen their understanding of Israel’s challenges, as well as get exposed to shared values and opportunities between Israel and Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Federation of Young Business Leaders’ goal is to contribute to facilitating and strengthening the effective conduct of Luxembourg’s business leadership in the economic and social fields. Each year the Federation selects a topic of the year, and this year the theme included ‘ambition’. According to the Federation, “Israel stands for an ambitious people that aims high and is willing to walk the extra mile. Luxembourg and Israel are both relatively small countries that have much in common, such as a lack of natural resources, a small population, and need to be self-reliant. Our participants are looking for a deep immersion into the Israeli culture and mindset. Additionally, the visit to the IDF is an important part of our trip so that the participants can understand Israel’s mentality, culture, and drive behind the success of this very special country, which is undoubtedly linked to its military.”  

Following the IDF briefing hosted by ELNET, numerous members of the delegation expressed their gratitude to ELNET for the fascinating and informative briefing, expressing that this was one of the highlights of their entire visit to Israel, and stating that they were impressed by how Israel copes with its national security challenges and the role that the IDF plays within society to strengthen national resilience.

IDF’s International Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Amnon Shefler.