ELNET Hosts Delegation of Europe’s Young Future Leaders

ELNET hosted a delegation of 12 young and promising European politicians, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The participants, among them MPs, chairpersons of parliamentary committees, and municipal appointees  were from Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Denmark and Portugal.

The purpose of the delegation was to  grant them first-hand exposure to the complex Middle-East region, and strengthen their understanding of the Israeli-European relation. During their 5-day visit, the delegates toured Israel’s southern border with Gaza, including a security briefing by the IDF at an Iron Dome Anti-Missile Defense Battery and a visit to the Kerem Shalom border crossing, toured the Knesset and met with an MK, were briefed at the MFA including on Israel’s humanitarian assistance to Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, visited the Israeli Police control center of the Old City of Jerusalem, and were briefed by additional experts and leaders of Israel’s leading civil society, and were briefed at the headquarters of Start-Up Nation Central on Israel’s cutting-edge innovation and hi-tech industry.

While at the MFA, the delegates had the unique opportunity to meet with young Israeli leaders, cadets from the diplomatic training course, to exchange ideas and discuss mutual prospects.

The participants visited Israel at a crucial time for Europe as Russia continued to attack Ukraine. The delegates stressed throughout the visit the importance of strong relations between European countries and Israel on matters concerning defense, energy, and other areas of cooperation, especially in light of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Shai Bazak, CEO OF ELNET-ISRAEL: “The visit of these young political leaders to Israel marks another important milestone in our relationship with Europe. It is crucial that we continue to promote joint activities that will guarantee a fruitful and important relationship between Israel and Europe. I believe that the best way to start is by empowering the leaders of tomorrow.”

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