ELNET – Italy Official Launch Event in Italian Chamber of Deputies

In a significant moment for diplomatic relations, ELNET Italy celebrated its official launch event in Rome Chamber of Deputies, marking the beginning of a promising chapter in the ties between Italy and Israel. The event brought together key figures, including Hon. Antonio Tajani, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Italy; Senator Alberto Balboni, Chairman of the Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee; and Ambassador Alon Bar, Israel’s Ambassador to Italy. Roberta Anati, President of ELNET Italy, also played a key role in the event.

Set against the backdrop of the 75th anniversary of Italy’s recognition of the State of Israel, the occasion not only commemorated historical milestones but also underscored the strong bonds and shared values between the two nations.

Minister Tajani opened the event with heartfelt reflections, expressing appreciation for ELNET’s dedication to fostering relations between Europe and Israel. He highlighted the historical significance of the chosen date, commemorating Italy’s recognition of the State of Israel and the initiation of bilateral diplomacy. Tajani also reiterated Italy’s commitment to freeing hostages, sharing personal experiences from his recent visit to Tel Aviv for Holocaust memorial events.

In a letter sent to ELNET following the event, Minister Tajani congratulated ELNET and wished ELNET-Italy success and sent his and the Italian Government’s blessing. 

Israeli Ambassador Alon Bar praised ELNET’s mission, focusing on building institutional networks to bring political delegations to Israel. He emphasized the importance of firsthand experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the daily challenges and opportunities faced by the State of Israel. Ambassador Bar stressed that knowledge is key to dispelling prejudices, making ELNET’s work of paramount importance in building bridges of understanding.

Senator Alberto Balboni passionately addressed the gathering, highlighting the West as a system of values extending beyond Western borders. He argued for the defense of these shared values, emphasizing Israel’s integral role as a stronghold in the face of global challenges. Senator Balboni noted the difficulties faced by countries defending freedom and democracy, citing the invasion of Ukraine and attacks by Hamas. He called for the strengthening of ties between Italy and Israel, recognizing the complementary strengths of the two nations.

Roberta Anati, CEO of ELNET Italy, shared her vision for the organization, expressing satisfaction with bipartisan support from Parliament regarding the importance of ELNET Italia. Anati acknowledged the Government and Minister Tajani for their commitment in the Middle East. She emphasized ELNET’s mission to bind Italy and Israel through shared values and promote dialogue at various levels, showcasing the complementary strengths of the two nations in industry, technology, and innovation.

ELNET Italy’s official launch event in Rome marked the initiation of a promising chapter in diplomatic relations between Italy and Israel. The event not only celebrated historical milestones but also emphasized the strong bonds and shared values uniting the two nations. 

As ELNET continues its mission, the organization serves as a crucial bridge, fostering deeper political, economic, and cultural ties between Italy and Israel for a future of collaboration and understanding.