First-Ever Delegation of MPs from the Polish-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group Hosted in Israel by ELNET

ELNET was proud to host a historic delegation of 13 members of the Polish Parliament to Israel, the first- ever delegation of Members of Parliament from the Polish-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group. The delegation was especially significant for being the first delegation in the years since diplomatic tensions between the countries first began.

The delegates met with the President of the State of Israel and received an official warm welcome from the Speaker of the Knesset on the Knesset Plenary floor. Additionally, given the Ukrainian refugee crisis in Poland, the delegates learned about Israeli Emergency and Crisis Management expertise.

The MPs also entered an attack tunnel built by the Hezbollah terror group armed by Iran, which was of especial relevancy to the Polish parliamentarians as the Russian army is currently being armed with attack drones by Iran.

The delegation came to re-establish the Poland-Israel Friendship Group of the Knesset, and since the delegation, the Knesset is already working on the matter.

Following the visit, the MPs are preparing a report to present to the Parliament, and have requested a meeting with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to understand why it voted against Israel at the UN.